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The Manx International Rally Championship returns for the first time in 2019

The nine-day race on the Isle of Man features bikes from classic and modern times.



For the first time since 2019 the Isle of Man’s Mountain Course will host the Manx Grand Prix, but this time it will be in a completely redesigned form.

As part of a government-led effort to cut costs and limit road closures, the festival’s duration has been trimmed from two weeks to nine.

The last scheduled day for qualifying and competition is August 29.

John McBride, chairman of the Manx Motor Cycle Club, expressed his organization’s “real looking forward” to the beginning of qualifying on Sunday.

Many future Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) stars got their start at the Manx Grand Prix (MGP), he said.

The races are time trials around the TT course, and riders compete on both vintage and modern motorcycles.

After the qualifying period, there will be five races, starting with the lightweight MGP on Friday and continuing through the August bank holiday weekend and the classic superbike finale on the 29th.

The Manx Motor Cycle Club will continue to own the brand, but this year’s event will be run by ACU Events Ltd, with 23 new participants.

Mr. McBride acknowledged that the club’s transition had been challenging, but he argued that the “probably good for the MGP” outcome was worth it in the end, since things like updated safety protocols and insurance were being handled by the league.

While he expressed enthusiasm about the return of race fans, he acknowledged that some may “find it a bit tight” to afford a visit in light of rising prices.

As Mr. McBride noted, the public has become “a bit less forgiving of the road closures,” so a reduced schedule was required to ensure there would be enough marshals.

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