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The MLB Little League World Series broadcast had a heated exchange between one player and ESPN

An MLB player at the 2018 Little League World Series told ESPN “I can’t believe you actually did this to me.”



photo’s fixed bad call.

@BrandonContes on Twitter: 22 August 2022

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He is heard stating, “It’s for ESPN so they (Northwest) can come back.” “That’s because ESPN wants this; ESPN is behind it all,”

The manager of the Midwest, David McFate, didn’t seem interested in the theory and instead tried to urge his squad to refocus and win the game:

David McFate remarked, “We can’t do anything about that strike call. There are two options. Any bag will do. We must eliminate that. We need to get rid of that. Shake things up. Shake things up. We require one. every bag. Let’s leave. You are capable of completing this. You are capable of completing this. You can complete this.

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In the end, it didn’t matter if there was a conspiracy. The Mountain team (Santa Clara, Utah) was defeated on Sunday by the Midwest team, 10-2, allowing the Midwest to progress farther in the Little League World Series. The Midwest team won the game 6-3.

The losing team from the West (Honolulu) and Southwest (Pearland, Texas) teams will play in the Midwest’s following matchup on Tuesday in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

It remains to be seen if that game proves to be thrilling or, well, contentious.