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The most up-to-date Premier League odds and picks for Week 2 of the 2022-23 season

Premier League odds for Matchweek 2 have been released for our employees to improve on their solid first week.



and we’re eager to build on last week’s success.

Joe Prince-picks Wright’s have been a staple for ProSoccerTalk readers for a while now, but this year, JPW has invited Andy Edwards and Nick Mendola to join him on the action so that we can find out which PST big mouth actually has a sixth sense.

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With numerous high-profile transfers and a plethora of teams vying for playoff spots, the 2022–2023 Premier League season is expected to be action-packed, with EPL betting odds all over the place.

We encourage you to join the discussion below if you share our passion for breaking down each game and making educated guesses about the final score and victorious team. Relax and enjoy these Premier League matches.

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Week 1 Premier League picks from PST

It’s not easy to win at picks because you have to predict the correct outcome (win, loss, or draw).

After the opening weekend of Premier League play, Nick, Andy, and Joe all had reasons to boast. Nick has the most victories with seven out of ten correct picks, while Andy and Joe came the closest to pulling off a major upset.

Joe was the only one of us to correctly predict that Bournemouth would draw against Aston Villa, and the Cherries won by a score of 3-0; likewise, Andy was the only one of us to correctly predict a 3-0 victory for Brighton.


7-3, Nick Mendola.

Five games to five for Andy Edwards

Six and a half for Joe Prince-Wright

Defeats that shocked the world First-week JPW: Bournemouth and Aston Villa F.C. tie (Bournemouth won outright)

Andy: Man United and Brighton end in a tie in Week 1. (Brighton won outright)