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The Nebraska-Northwestern game was impacted negatively when credit card machine broke down

Nebraska Law School hosts the Nebraska-Northwestern game in Ireland. There are a few bars, tables and chairs set up to offer free food and drinks to customers.



At the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland, during the Northwestern-Nebraska game, all of the credit card machines were broken, so beer and other concessions were given away for free. Workers at the game were generous with their freebies because neither the venue nor the machines had access to wireless internet.

Irish hospitality at its finest, wouldn’t you say?

People were given “as many as he or she could carry in a cardboard drink carrier,” as reported by the Omaha World-Herald, which had reporters present at the event. Seven people were carried by one individual. The majority of them aimed for a perfect four. The crowd also purchased hot dogs and cups of fries.

‘Nothing is free in Ireland — but this is!,’ a fan named Stephen Cleary exclaimed to the World-Herald.

As seen in one video from the game, fans went crazy trying to get their hands on all the free merchandise they could:

The line for booze inside Aviva Stadium because there is no cost for anything because of the outage. According to Amie Just (@Amie Just) Wednesday, August 27th, 2022

The free beer situation in Ireland, as reported by boots on the ground. As a result, it now resembles a ride at a theme park. For your dedication and sacrifice, @ndblair. The following is a tweet by: Wednesday, August 27th, 2022

The two teams are currently neck and neck on the field. By halftime, the Wildcats had a 17-14 lead over the Cornhuskers. Casey Thompson has 229 passing yards, one passing touchdown, and one rushing touchdown for Nebraska, while Ryan Hilinski has 214 passing yards and two passing touchdowns for Northwestern in the first half.