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The new trailer of Pokémon Cycrumar arrives

A new Pokémon has a motorcyle-inspired design.



Game Freak debuted a new teaser for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet during the 2022 Pokémon World Championship that showcased some of the game’s new fighting features and gave players their first glimpse at a brand-new Pokémon: Cyclizar. Cyclizar shares a motorcycle-like appearance with Scarlet and Violet’s mascot legendary Pokémon Koraidon and Miraidon, most notably in the form of the chest-protruding wheel.

The “Shed Tail” move, which was not used in earlier Pokémon games, was also demonstrated by Cyclizar in the video. The Pokémon utilizing the move can use a decoy to fool its opponent before switching places with another member of the party. Although it appears useful for confusing rival trainers, the move will also deplete the Pokémon employing it of around 50% of its HP, per the trailer.

The Mirror Herb item, which enables Pokémon who ingest it to mirror an opponent’s stat gains obtained in battle, was one of several other items and abilities that the trailer demonstrated that appear likely to spice up Pokémon combat. Meanwhile, the recently introduced Loaded Dice item increases the likelihood that extra hits will result from multi-strike attacks like Fury Swipes or Rock Blast.

The Terastallizing ability, a brand-new feature that enables Pokémon to assume crystal-like forms and acquire new types and attacks, was also given another look by Game Freak. The first mention of this power came during the Pokémon Presents celebration earlier this month.

Scarlet and Violet will have a four-player co-op option in addition to new Pokémon and battle strategies, which has been a long-requested feature by fans. As anticipated, some Pokémon that already exist will also gain new regional forms. One such Pokémon is Wooper, whose Paldean version has gone viral online.