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The NFL training camp scheduled for 2022 has not been finalized yet, but Patriots quarterback Tom Brady refuted ‘The Masked Singer’ rumor after non-show

Tom Brady denies reports he will leave the NFL.



Tom Brady did not spend his 11 days away from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers filming the next season of “The Masked Singer.”

In any case, that’s what he claims.

After taking time away from the team for personal reasons, Brady is back at practice as of this past Monday. Fans had speculated in recent days that he was filming for the popular Fox singing competition, so he went back to Twitter on Monday afternoon to dispel those rumors.

Ready, hut, hike! [Start or join a fantasy football league right away.

As an alternative, Brady “quoted tweeted” a video from his clothing brand that appeared to show him (or someone imitating him) riding a motorcycle while naked.

No, I didn’t watch the masked singer last week. however, he or she was concealing their identity by donning a mask. A tweet from Tom Brady (@TomBrady) from August 22, 2022

Like something a contestant on “The Masked Singer” would say.

To date, the show has not responded to inquiries about it, which is to be expected. Something similar to this rumor is the sole basis for the entire thing.

At times, it can feel like a very unusual job. There was no response, but I hardly expected any. For a show that thrives on its cast members’ anonymity, this is a huge coup. Tweet from Greg Auman (@gregoryauman): “August 22, 2022”

Earlier this month, Brady took a leave of absence from the team that was reportedly planned. Neither he nor the Buccaneers have given an explanation. Brady’s family vacation to the Bahamas and other locations has been widely reported.

An idea connected him to “The Masked Singer,” which isn’t the craziest thing in the world. While the show is produced by Fox, Brady has already signed on to work for the network as an analyst after he retires. New episodes are currently being filmed in Los Angeles, and Brady’s teammate and longtime friend Rob Gronkowski has appeared on the show before as well.

It seems highly unlikely that a quarterback would abandon his team in the final weeks before the season begins in order to compete in a singing competition. Although, surely the seven-time Super Bowl champions would be the ones to accomplish such a feat.

However, it seems that theory is just too good to be true.

TB’s TE on Video Cam Brate, mustache growing strong, cracks jokes about Tom Brady’s possible future as a reality TV star. — Author: Greg Auman (@gregauman) Sunday, August 22, 2022

“I’m looking forward to it, I’ll definitely be watching,” said the tight end. On Monday, Cam Brate made light of a situation. They probably shot the whole thing in 11 days or so. No idea; I can’t even begin to guess. It was amusing to hear all the rumors and gossip… We welcome him home with open arms.