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The present from this wealthy man to his girlfriend was so degrading that she ended the relationship

“I wonder how much effort went into your gift,” one person asked, interested in how much the person had put in.



Redditors u/aita-bfwiwowoeoe said she was really upset at the time, but she has forgiven her boyfriend. She was entitled to her disappointment, according to many commenters on Reddit; others argued that he shouldn’t have reacted the way he did, even if the gift had been the result of a misunderstanding (which it was).

For once, I’m going to agree with u/GuyYouMetOnline and say, “Not the a**hole”: “It’s not just about the material items; it’s about showing the person how much you value them.” “It’s also possible that he forgot to buy you anything and is trying to cover it up, in which case he’s being awful. Being truthful in such a circumstance is much preferable.”

“In general, I don’t care about material things. It’s not the cost that matters to me as much as the thought that went into the present. It’s obvious he didn’t put any thought into your present. NTA, “In their words, u/alexxmcn did the writing.

In a further contribution, u/Objective-Mention126 wrote: “He could have gotten you a box of chocolates if he’d thought about it. If not that, then nothing at all.”

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