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The princess had another reason to refuse being a Jedi

Princess Leia was very capable of being a Jedi Knight, until she refused that path. She didn’t think the Force would be powerful enough to protect her from Darth Vader.



explanation makes a lot of sense.

Following the events of the Battle of Endor, Luke and Leia had a conversation from which the above excerpt was taken. On one of the Ewoks’ tree platforms, the group deliberated over their next move. While Leia wished she could stay in this moment forever, Luke was eager to continue his Jedi education. To be more precise, he was hoping Leia would come along. He even encouraged her to marry Han while maintaining her Jedi training.

Leia gave the offer some thought, but there were two main reasons why she ultimately decided against becoming a Jedi. Before anything else, she stated her lack of interest in the Force. She wouldn’t be going with Luke because she felt compelled to by the Force, but rather because she wanted to spend time with him. But the most important reason why Leia didn’t want to become a Jedi was her fear of Darth Vader’s might. Despite her interest in what Luke was offering, Leia realized that getting closer to the Force meant getting closer to the same power that had turned Darth Vader into a monster.

Leia’s reluctance to become a Jedi was due in large part to Darth Vader’s evil existence, though other factors (like her love for Han) played a role as well. Leia wanted to take charge and make a difference in the galaxy, but becoming a powerful Jedi and being exposed to the same temptations that led to Vader’s corruption was too much to bear. Therefore, it would have been wiser to go with the path of greatest safety and avoid the Jedi Order in favor of a life of bliss with Han.

See Leia’s decision for yourself in the recently released Star Wars: The Princess and the Scoundrel.