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The restaurant’s stripped down atmosphere, friendly staff, and unique menu make a visit to this seafood restaurant in Michigan worth the time and money

One unique seafood restaurant that you can’t miss on your next trip to Michigan is The post You Must Taste The Crab Legs At This Unique Seafood Restaurant In Michigan appeared first on Only In Your S



When you’re feeling hungry, nothing beats a plate of steaming seafood. Although we Michiganders have a bias toward whitefish and other Great Lakes catches, the state is replete with restaurants serving up a wide variety of seafood. There is one exceptional seafood restaurant in Michigan that may have the state’s finest crab legs. Prepare to make a real dent in things.

To learn more, check out O’Brien’s Crabhouse online. Have you tried the restaurant’s crab legs, which are arguably the best in the state of Michigan? Is there somewhere else we should eat that you recommend? Leave us a comment on Facebook with your thoughts or fill out our nomination form to nominate your go-to seafood restaurant in Michigan.

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