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The school district should not sign racist contracts

Minneapolis Public Schools and the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers were discriminatory against two applicants.



Employment-based racial discrimination is prohibited by law. But somebody neglected to inform the Minneapolis Public Schools or the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers.

It was revealed in April that in the event of a school layoff, white teachers would be terminated before “educators of color,” per a contract the district signed with MFT back in March. Furthermore, schools should prioritize rehiring teachers of color when hiring back former employees.

Since governmental racial discrimination ended with segregation, it is highly likely that this agreement is in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. The moral character of the institutions and individuals who drafted and signed it is also demonstrated.

Neither the school district, which cares so little about its students as to set such a poor and racist example, nor the union, which cares so little about its white members as to allow flagrant employment discrimination against them, come off looking good. Since both the company and the union are treating them like second-class citizens, those members should stop paying dues or at least demand a special “white” rate.

The so-called anti-racist adherents of critical race theory have unfortunately reverted to racist thinking, and their flimsy justifications for the school district’s repulsive actions have surfaced in public debate. The current fad holds that discrimination based on race can rectify wrongs done by the dead to the living. The truth is that discrimination like this never fixes anything and always makes things worse.

Layoffs of teachers would be based solely on merit and performance in a perfect world where teachers unions are not a constant and destructive force in the educational system. However, they must be conducted fairly for all employees if they must be conducted based on seniority, as unions typically insist.

In this context, the question of whether one should be “colorblind” or “color-sensitive” is irrelevant. The core issue here is whether or not private and public organizations have an obligation of respect to their employees. Government especially must treat people as individuals with agency, not as mere rungs on the ladder of some deterministic hierarchy of victimhood.

In a free and democratic society, such racial hierarchies can never be respected. They debase individual human beings who have God-given rights. They also create despicable spectacles, such as the Biden administration’s unconscionable Supreme Court defense of anti-Asian discrimination in university admissions. They give rise to the tortured logic of liberals who claim that Asians should just sit back and enjoy being discriminated against.

In 2007, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts famously wrote that “the way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” His statements hold just as much water now as they did 15 years ago.

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