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The sheer demand for change by Pokemon Go players has led to many organizations attempting to make changes themselves

Pokemon Go players are upset about gyms. Here’s what makes them so upset.



Gyms are an integral part of Pokemon Go, and players want to see some improvements made to them. Just consider the following examples.

The players of the popular mobile game Pokemon Go are used to encountering various bugs and glitches. Niantic, the game’s developer, often addresses these promptly, but some fundamental gameplay issues have persisted for too long. Some Pokemon Go players, particularly in more rural areas, have recently voiced complaints about the content and organization of gyms.

There are many complaints from Pokemon trainers about the “broken” gym system due to the fact that many gyms in smaller towns hold Pokemon for days at a time. Trainers may leave their Pokemon in a gym for several days without receiving a sufficient reward because there are fewer players than there used to be.

In response, numerous players of Pokemon Go shared their own, parallel experiences. It has been reported that players in rural areas have had Pokemon stuck in a gym for over a month.

“I hope they can come to an agreement because this is very frustrating. It’s a waste of time to keep multiple Pokémon at gyms for multiple days just to have them all knocked out on the same day and earn a total of 50 coins. A Reddit user suggested a system where players could receive candies once they had collected all of the available coins.

Players from all over the world, not just those living in smaller cities, have complained about the game’s gym system. As a matter of fact, the opposite is true for trainers working in major cities. A Pokemon trainer from New York City said they’ve never been able to keep a Pokemon in a gym for longer than five minutes.

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Many simple solutions have been proposed by the Pokemon community to address the persistent problem of gyms in Pokemon Go.

The coinage limit has been cited by some as the main source of contention. It was suggested that, once the maximum number of coins has been earned, those who have Pokemon in a gym should also receive candies. One other option would be to increase the limit to 100 coins.

One alternative was to enable Pokemon recalls by trainers. This way, players can reclaim their strongest allies and walk away with some extra gold.

Pokemon Go players are demanding Niantic make changes to gyms because of issues with both urban players’ Pokemon only staying in a gym for a few minutes before being sent back out and rural players’ Pokemon staying in a gym for a week to get a small number of coins.

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