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The state with the highest unemployment rates in America is Nevada

Joblessness in the United States has dropped to its lowest point since before the Great War and has been replaced by more employment opportunities.



The availability of jobs varies considerably between jurisdictions. State Employment and Unemployment in July 2022 has been released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Data from 14 states and DC showed that their unemployment rates had decreased since last month. Three states showed increases, while the rest were relatively stable.

The lowest unemployment rates were recorded in two Midwestern states. With a rate of only 1.8%, it’s safe to assume that Minneapolis residents all have secure employment. In Nebraska, the rate was 2%. Both Vermont and Utah had the same degree of this.

In terms of unemployment, Alaska had the highest rate (4.5%) of any state. In terms of population, it is one of the smallest states. The largest state in terms of population size also had the highest unemployment rate. The state of California recorded a 3.9% unemployment rate. There is no shared rationale for this, as there is almost no overlap between the economies of the two states.

In Alaska, there were 16,424 unemployed people. In comparison, California had 758,660. There were 249,407 in the greater Los Angeles area. The city’s unemployment rate was lower than that of all but the third most populous state, Florida. In Florida, this number was 283 449. Texans make their home in the second most populous state. In July, 587,862 people were unemployed there.

When considering North Carolina’s employment situation, it is helpful to look at the aggregate data for both the state’s largest city and several smaller inland cities. The Los Angeles unemployment rate was 4.6% in June. El Centro, in the interior, had the highest unemployment rate (13%). The unemployment rate was close to or above 5% in a number of other nearby cities.

The unemployment rate is expected to rise during a recession. If that’s the case, then some California cities are in for some serious trouble.