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The technical difficulties with the release of ‘The Orville’ Season 3

Seth MacFarlane’s science fiction TV show is moving from the air to streaming.



After a long wait, Seth MacFarlane and crew finally released the third season of “The Orville” on Hulu in June. The return of “The Orville,” a sci-fi fan’s go-to way to unwind after a long day, comes as a breath of fresh air given, well, have you seen the world lately? Having said that, the show has undergone significant evolution in the interim between seasons. After its second season concluded in April 2019, everything appeared to be running smoothly. Unfortunately, viewers had no idea back then that it would be years before Season 3 aired.

The network upgrade was the most significant. Although the switch from FOX to Hulu wasn’t a bad one, the show still had its share of problems. MacFarlane told THR that dropping commercials and having more creative freedom with the show’s tone were two benefits of switching to the streaming service. The pandemic then emerged. The release date of the third season was delayed because filming had to be halted several times due to COVID. This was a widespread issue at the time for many productions, as any professional will attest.

One alteration that may have slipped your mind is that the title of the show has changed from “The Orville” to something more specific. Because of the change in broadcast networks, the sci-fi comedy series now has a subtitle. The addition of the subtitle “New Horizons” was Disney’s idea and is reminiscent of the “Star Trek” spin-off series.

“It’s a follow-up”

It’s not a new practice to include a subtitle in the title of a movie or TV show. It’s common for ongoing series like “The Orville” to use this technique to signal the next episode or a change in plot, but it’s less common for series like “The Walking Dead” or “The Walking Dead” to use this technique. A decision of this nature normally wouldn’t be made until after the series ended and the network began considering spinoffs. On the other hand, as Seth MacFarlane recently revealed to Collider, his boss at Disney gave him the green light to include it because he thought it would be a good idea:

“Dana Walden proposed including a subtitle. It’s not a complete remake, but it gives the impression that we’re branching out in some ways, which is neat. That there is a broader focus now. There is a higher level of ambition in the show. More like a movie atmosphere can be expected. Perhaps it will have a more momentous air to it. It’s been a while since we first aired, and now that we’re streaming on Hulu for only 10 episodes instead of 13, the number seemed fitting.”

MacFarlane acknowledged that the difference may not have been significant in the grand scheme of things, but he emphasized that even a seemingly insignificant alteration was significant. The introduction of “New Horizons” signifies a new era for “The Orville,” as it can serve as a transitional tool to help viewers adjust to the show’s move from FOX to Hulu.

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