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The U.S.-Spec Nissan Z Configurator Is Now Live

There are three distinct flavors of Z-car to choose from in the United States.



Prospective buyers have been avidly waiting for more detailed information from the automaker ever since the introduction of the 2023 Nissan Z. The new sports coupe’s U.S.-spec configurator, which enables consumers to estimate the cost of purchasing one of these vehicles, was just released by Nissan, thus the wait is now over. Here is the configurator breakdown information you need to know.

Sport, Performance, and Proto Spec are the three trim levels that the 2023 Z will be available in. There are two complimentary transmission options available for each of the three model levels: a six-speed manual or a nine-speed automatic. No matter whatever trim level you choose, all Z vehicles share the same 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine from the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport. The engine has a 400 horsepower and 350 lb-ft torque rating in Z specification. Given that the Nissan Z Sport starts at only $41,015 including destination fees, that is a lot of power for the money. When including destination, the Supra 2.0-liter starts at $44,635 as a comparison.

The Z Sport is a fairly basic sports car; lower trim levels cannot be equipped with some of the interesting features seen on higher trim levels. The only exterior features are a pair of 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels and LED headlights. There are three free paint selections and six two-tone variations with prices ranging from $895 to $1695. A front and rear spoiler are additional exterior additions that cost $170 and $630, respectively. For $595, racing stripes are also an option, but they would look better on a Ford Mustang. There isn’t much that can be done to customize the interior of the Z Sport aside from the basic floor mats and first-aid kit extras.

However, the Z sport can only be equipped with a cloth graphite interior; the 12.3-inch digital dash serves as a unifying element throughout all the trims. You can replay those amazing lap times you recorded if you add the twin camera drive recorder, which costs $630.

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For the $51,015 basic price, the Z Performance offers a lot of the same options as the Z Sport, but it also has a few extra perks. A 1.5-way mechanical limited-slip differential, 19-inch Rays forged alloy wheels, and Akebono 4-piston front calipers with appropriate 14-inch rotors are the first three components of this setup. For Z Performance cars, the aforementioned front and rear spoilers come as standard equipment and are essential for setting fast lap times. The Z Performance has a better selection of interior colors while maintaining the same color palette and paint cost as the Z Sport. Customers will get a nicer inside made of leather and synthetic suede, with the option of choosing from graphite, red, or blue color schemes. On the way to the track, you can listen to your favorite music on the Bose 8-speaker audio system. A larger 9-inch infotainment screen is also added for the Performance. Apart from those modifications, the accessory choices for the Z Sport and Performance variants are identical, and the majority of them are superfluous for driving sports cars. Splash guards, which cost $335, or a translucent hood wrap, which costs $170, are two examples of options. For an additional $395 and $500, respectively, you can specify illuminated sills and ground projection lighting to further increase the MSRP.

A wonderful reference to the original Z-car, which is where this model gets its inspiration, the top-of-the-line Nissan Z Proto Spec is only produced in 240 units. This limited-production model, which is based on the Z Performance, is more of an aesthetic package than anything else. The set of Rays wheels on the Proto Spec are given a distinctive bronze color and are placed in front of a pair of distinctive yellow calipers. Another homage to the early prototype models we saw is the outside colour, which is Ikazuchi Yellow. However, the Z Proto Spec starts at $56,875 including destination, so the exclusivity will come at a cost. The question of whether you’d ever be able to obtain one is another matter.

The 2023 Nissan Z configurator emphasizes how appealing this new sports car seems to be to a broad audience. The pricing structure is far more accommodating than what we often see from Toyota, and it may be allure enough to lure people away from the competitively priced American options. The most expensive 2023 Nissan Z costs $60,037 even with all of the extras added. The majority of buyers won’t install such a mishmash of unrelated equipment, hence the actual MSRPs ought to go below that. Of course, it is only true up until Nissan dealerships get their say.