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The Unnerving Similarity Between Crime Scene Investigation And American Horror Story

There are some similarities between “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and “American Horror Story”.



When comparing “American Horror Story” to “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” there are clear distinctions. The former is a police procedural set in the criminal underworld, while the latter is, well, a horror story. While “CSI” can be quite terrifying at times, it ultimately remains firmly rooted in a world that can be measured and explained scientifically, while “AHS” focuses more on the supernatural.

However, there are also some commonalities. The death and mayhem necessary for both “AHS” and “CSI” is high. Specifically, they need a source of death and trauma. The unknown and a willingness to delve into the shadowy corners of life are common denominators in the horror and mystery genres.

There is an entire page on TV Tropes dedicated to the terrifying moments in the “CSI” series. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, the show’s creators, are no different in their enjoyment of building suspense about the upcoming season’s cast and plot (via Deadline). Since both shows have been running for a considerable amount of time and share some common themes, it’s not surprising that their villainous casts share at least one frightening similarity.

Rubber-suited villains have appeared on both CSI and AHS.

Seeing someone in a rubber bondage suit is unsettling, it can’t be denied. Chad Warwick (Zachary Quinto) learns in Episode 4 of Season 1 of “American Horror Story” that one function of such a suit is to make its wearer invisible and unrecognizable. Even if the Rubber Man’s existence doesn’t always make sense or play by the rules of “American Horror Story,” that episode explains the origins of the character, making him perhaps the most enduring image in all of the seasons. Whether it’s Tate Langdon (Even Peters), Michael Langdon (Cody Fern), or Scarlett Winslow (Sierra McCormick), the opportunity to don the rubber suit and commit truly evil acts is likely.

The eleventh season of ‘CSI’ gave us a creepy rubber-clad villain before the premiere of ‘AHS,’ so it’s ironic that the rubber suit is more easily associated with ‘AHS. Sqweegel is the name, and he’s a living, breathing nightmare. Sqweegel, who makes his debut in the season’s fourth episode, is an angel of vengeance. People in Las Vegas who have done heroic things often have a dark secret that he is trying to get to them before he kills them.

The fact that Sqweegel is methodical enough to stalk his victims and uncover their sinister histories is terrifying in and of itself. The rubber suit and the rest of the information we have about him only add to the impression that he is not quite human. Fans still want to see more of him, though. Although showrunner Jason Tracey has gone out of his way to dampen fan anticipation, they remain optimistic that Sqweegel will return to “CSI: Vegas” at some point.

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