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The US Department of Justice recently subpoenaed Trump months before the search of Mar-a-Lago, the president’s private club

This week, the Justice Department subpoenaed Donald Trump’s former business dealings in South America, a year before federal law enforcement broke into his Mar-a-Lago estate.



Before federal law enforcement carried out a search warrant at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago resort this week, the Justice Department subpoenaed former President Trump, according to a Thursday story in The New York Times.

The Times reports that even months after the National Archives seized 15 boxes of White House files from Trump’s Florida residence in January, investigators were worried about any sensitive national security information that might have remained there.

According to reports, the subpoena came before a June meeting at Mar-a-Lago between Trump’s legal team and Justice Department investigators. Following that meeting, the investigators requested that a basement room housing White House records be given enhanced security.

The Times pointed out that the conservative journalist John Solomon, who wrote last week that Trump’s attorneys had been making attempts to comply, had originally reported the subpoena.

Prior to his current position, Solomon was an executive vice president and a columnist for The Hill.

A second subpoena was issued by investigators a short while after the Justice Department representatives and Trump’s attorneys met in June. This subpoena was for surveillance video near the room where the White House materials were kept.

The disclosure of the subpoenas adds fresh complexities to this week’s historic search of the former president’s residence, indicating that detectives had been concerned for months about the possibility of highly sensitive national security documents being left unattended on the premises.

Attorney General Merrick Garland would be making a public statement on Thursday afternoon, according to a Justice Department announcement made shortly after the Times article was published. On the subject of his talk, the department gave no additional information.

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