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The Vikings did not hold practice due to Jimmy’s illness

Kirk Cousins was sent to the hospital for evaluation after reporting feeling ill. The Vikings said it does not appear he’ll play in a game this weekend.



For example: “EAGAN, Minn. (AP) — Coach Kevin O’Connell claimed that Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins missed Thursday’s practice due to sickness.

After complaining of illness, Cousins was sent home. O’Connell was vague about what those signs might be. The Vikings were indeed sizing up Cousins for the next COVID-19 season, he confirmed.

Minnesota plays its first preseason game on the road in Las Vegas this coming Sunday, and it’s likely that starters like Kirk Cousins won’t make the trip. O’Connell said the coaches hadn’t yet decided how they’d divide up playing time for the game, and that they probably won’t do so until Saturday, right before they fly.

The NFL’s policy on close contacts to confirmed cases of COVID-19 resulted in Cousins missing five days of training camp in 2021. Last year, he was a part of the league’s unvaccinated player procedure. Cousins missed the game in Green Bay on December 31 after testing positive for COVID-19.

In March, the league halted all coronavirus procedures. People who test positive are advised to stay home for at least five days of isolation per current CDC guidelines. The CDC recommends ending isolation whenever a person has gone 24 hours without getting a fever without the use of medicine and is showing signs of improvement.

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