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Their son’s death left them both completely devastated

Richard Engel, an award-winning NBC News reporter, had a tragic death of his 6-year-old son Henry.



The heartbreaking news that no parent should ever have to hear was delivered to Richard Engel. According to NBC News, the journalist and his wife became aware of various developmental impairments when their son Henry Engel was a baby and took him to the hospital. Doctors discovered that Henry had a mutation in his MECP2 gene, which tragically results in Rett syndrome, following a number of medical and genetic tests. According to the Mayo Clinic, Rett syndrome is “a rare inherited neurological and developmental condition that alters how the brain develops.”

Both speech and mobility are impacted by the illness. “Not just delay, either. It refers to a physical or mental handicap that is permanent and incurable for life “During an interview with Today, the chief foreign correspondent for NBC News said. Unfortunately, the news got worse as we heard more about it. After receiving his diagnosis, Henry did, however, show some improvement, including using the word “Dada” for the first time. A little Dada may not seem like a big concern to parents of usually developed youngsters, Richard said in an essay (via Us Weekly). For me, it was confirmation that he was there, a recognition that he knew me, that his mother and I were positive influences in his life, and most importantly, that he loved us.

Despite Richard and his family’s best efforts to maintain optimism, Henry’s condition tragically deteriorated.

Henry Engel passed away at age 6

Richard Engel shared on social media the sad news that his 6-year-old son Henry Engel has passed away after a valiant fight with the rare neurological illness Rett syndrome. A NBC news correspondent tweeted, “He had the sweetest blue eyes, an easy grin, and a contagious giggle.” Working closely with Henry, Dr. Huda Zoghbi also shared some of his most treasured memories with him. She said in a statement that “his warm and appealing grin and the way he connected with his eyes grabbed my heart from the time I met him.” “We’ll keep working as hard as we can to develop cures. We shall remember his life in this manner.”

Just two months before Henry passed away, Richard indicated that his son’s health was rapidly deteriorating. Richard tweeted, “His condition worsened and he’s developed dystonia: uncontrolled shaking/ rigidity.” Henry required further treatment and had to stay in the hospital for six weeks as a result.

Additionally, Richard revealed via Twitter that Henry’s cells are being used in research to find a treatment for Rett syndrome.

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