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There is a mysterious shadow cast on the mountain when there isn’t a cloud in the sky It’s always exciting to find something unusual in the middle of nowhere

What is causing the shadow on the wall?



What might be the source of that shadow?

Many UFO enthusiasts think that UFOs are able to perform exceptional “cloaking” maneuvers, rendering themselves invisible to both the human eye and the technologies we use to spot airplanes, including radar, satellites, and other methods.

Is that, however, what’s happening in this video, where a woman appears to detect a black shadow lingering over a mountain yet nothing casts it?


A woman records a mountain in the distance that has a thick shadow covering it in the video. The peak is surrounded by a bright, deep blue sky, though.

Some claim that what she is photographing is actually burn marks, possibly left behind from a recent wildfire, rather than a shadow at all. One, amused, remarks, “I don’t think these people know what scorched grass looks like.”

Of course, some viewers cannot help but notice that the author never turns the camera back in the direction where the cloud might be, despite the fact that her own shadow appears to be quite long in the street in front of her and that the sun is low in the sky behind her. Any cloud shadow would be cast from behind her with the sun that low. Additionally, because the sun is directly behind her, she might not be able to see the cloud between the mountain and the sun because any small cloud would be impossible to discern against the glare due to the sun’s rays radiating around it.

It appears that this video is no longer a mystery after all because there are so many other possible explanations.