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There were intense talks between prince and queen while they stayed at Balmoral

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The queen and Prince Andrew had “heated chats”

According to the Sun on Sunday, Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth have been having “heated talks” at Balmoral. Stupid woman! Can’t she just be left alone to observe the leaping salmon, a passing cloud of midges, or the purple heather carpet swaying on the moors in the breeze? No, poor Brenda has been left with her son, who has been deprived of his titles in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein/Virginia Giuffre affair, for “three days” and “alone,” wondering what to do.

The topic of these discussions? future of Andrew. The queen already rejected his desire to regain his royal titles, according to The Sun, and he now “wants a new job to see out his days,” realizing that Prince Charles and Prince William probably do not have any plans for him to play a visible part in society.

“He is a 62-year-old guy and realizes that he can’t spend the rest of his days hanging about at Royal Lodge in Windsor, walking his dogs, and riding horses,” a friend of Andrew’s told the newspaper. He is considering his options. The Queen and he have talked about what he can achieve with his life. But there are also dialogues with the entire family.

The queen is eating a jam sandwich (see below) while a new prime minister and Andrew complain nonstop.

The Sun’s last paragraph, “A spokeswoman for Andrew did not want to comment,” brings to mind the classic Hamlet cigar commercials, in which a person in a difficult circumstance would smoke a Hamlet cigar while the chaos erupted around them.

Diana anniversary sparks conversation

Be prepared for a wave of programmes delving into Princess Diana’s death’s circumstances as the 25th anniversary of her passing approaches. Although the tragedy has repeatedly been declared an accident, mostly the result of a drunk, speeding driver, the subculture of people who think the crash happened for strange reasons still thrives.

Sir John Stevens, a former police officer who oversaw Operation Paget, the investigation into Diana’s passing, and a key participant in The Diana Investigations, a new docuseries on Discovery+, was the subject of an amazing interview by Marlow Stern of The Daily Beast. For any Diana skeptics, reading Marlow’s interview with Stevens is a must, but it’s worth repeating what he said at the end.

Stevens responds to Marlow’s assertion that Diana would have survived if she had been using her seatbelt: “You’re 100% correct. This type of crash has several problems, and if you removed one of its components—one link in the chain—it would not occur. It has also been demonstrated that even in the dire circumstances of that car, they would have survived if they had been wearing seatbelts. The authorities agree with that.

It’s interesting to note that Andrew Morton, the biographer who authored the classic biography Diana: Her True Story, recently stated the same thing to The Royalist, claiming that she would still be alive today if she had been wearing a seatbelt.

Stevens asserted that Martin Bashir ought to have been questioned by the police looking into Diana’s death in an interview with the Telegraph. “Had we known about Bashir before the investigation’s findings, we would have gone right to question him, perhaps under caution,” he claimed. We would have had him on the phone right away.

Why didn’t he speak up? When you stop to think about it, it’s unacceptable that we didn’t see him. He had better have done that. Of course, he would have been aware of his responsibility for her mental state.

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The daily jam sandwich for the queen

Ah, now we understand why Paddington Bear and Queen Elizabeth had such a strong chemistry in that endearing Platinum Jubilee video. While the queen, according to her former cook, has consumed a daily jam sandwich since she was five years old, he enjoys marmalade sandwiches. This week, Darren McGrady shared the delightful secret.

A “jam penny” is essentially “simply bread and jam with a little butter, generally strawberry jam,” according to the description. At Balmoral Castle, we would use magnificent Scottish strawberries picked from the gardens to prepare the jam. According to McGrady, the sandwiches were given the nickname “pennies” because they were shaped like old English pennies.

emerald fingers

It still comes as a bit of a surprise to find that Lady Louise Windsor, the youngest child of the queen’s son Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, has a summer work at her neighborhood garden center (at £6.83, or $8, an hour).

For Lady Louise, who will be heading to Prince William’s alma mater St Andrew’s in Scotland to continue her studies in the fall, it is a pre-college source of income.

I couldn’t believe that was Lady Louise—I had to look twice, one shopper told the Sun. She is a really kind and humble young lady who treats clients with respect. She appeared to be enjoying her work. You’d never think the queen’s granddaughter would accept a position operating a cash register.

More covert royal activity, please!

More unexpected royal employment news: The Duchess of Kent, not to be confused with the obscenely regal Princess Michael of Kent, spoke with the Telegraph. From the early 1990s on, the duchess, sometimes known as Katharine, spent 13 years instructing music at a primary school in Hull.

“I was merely known as Mrs. Kent; only the head knew who I was,” she tells the Telegraph. The parents were unaware. Nobody ever took notice. There was absolutely no fanfare about it; it just seemed to work. She claims that the queen gave her the go-ahead to complete her task when she begged for her backing. In 1961, she wed Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, a relative of the Queen. The 89-year-old mentions to Camilla Tominey that she likes rap music and specifically mentions Eminem and Ice Cube as two of her favorite rappers.

In royal history this week

Princess Margaret, who is forever fabulous-tragic-grand-colorful, was born on August 30, 1930. On February 9, 2002, she passed away at age 71.

Unresolved issues

Expect more observations and conversations about what happened in the Paris tunnel as we approach the week of the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s passing, as well as more Diana chatter in general. What will William, Harry, and the other royals have to say, if anything, on or before August 31 is the big question.

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