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This Dota 2 streamer was banned live on Twitch for smurfing

This Dota 2 streamer was banned live on Twitch for cheating.



Russian streamer meepgor off started up his PC to stream another day of Dota 2, but he was in for a big surprise.

Smurfing is a terrible aspect of online gaming, and every Dota 2 player has experienced it at some point. Everyone, from complete novices to professional streamers, is vulnerable to this issue, despite its stigmatizing association with poor players. Some smurfs make money by broadcasting their gameplay online, but Valve can manually ban them at any time during a stream.

For example, on August 21, meepgor off was streaming Dota 2 and demonstrating his high-ranking skills in low MMR matches. With a score of 47 kills, 5 deaths, and 17 assists, he was apparently using his favorite hero, Meepo. A ban message appeared after meepgor off used an inappropriate word in voice chat. His face drooped, and he went from arrogantly insulting his teammates to peering over the tops of his glasses.

As convenient as the ban’s timing is, it may not be a coincidence. Smurfing streamers in the past have been permanently banned on air, which has elicited some priceless responses. It’s possible that meepgor off was banned from streaming Dota 2 so that Valve could catch him in front of his audience. Since the incident, he has not live-streamed on his official channel.

The question is whether or not streamers who smurf in Dota 2 can be banned.

Valve has stated that smurfing is against the terms of service for Dota 2, which can lead to a permanent ban. Despite the fact that Valve does not apply this rule uniformly, it applies equally to streamers, competitive players, and casual players alike.

It’s not the first time a prominent Dota 2 streamer has been banned on air. Notably, the well-known American analyst and content creator Brian “BSJ” Canavan was banned from a smurf stream after challenging Valve to do so. Also recently banned for smurfing on alternates was fellow commentator Dominik “Black” Reitmeier’s main account.

Smurfing is still prevalent in many Dota 2 skill brackets, despite Valve’s efforts to highlight prominent individuals. All heroes, from the Herald to the Immortal, must contend with cheaters, but the developers of Dota 2 are constantly fixing the game’s issues.

Accounts suspected of being smurfs are often placed in a separate matchmaking pool with other suspects, preventing them from interfering with the ability of legitimate players to access higher-quality content. In spite of this, smurfing remains a battleground between law-abiding Dota 2 players and Valve’s anti-cheat efforts.

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