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This exercise targets a portion of your arm muscles

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There’s no shame in switching to bodyweight exercises when you’re too tired after a day of arm-blasting exercises to lift heavy weight.

Triceps extensions are commonly performed with barbells, EZ-curl bars, or even cables, but in this case, we’ll be using a simple dumbbell. In contrast, a bodyweight overhead triceps extension allows you to effectively target those muscles while not straining your shoulders or back.

In fact, as Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. explains, all it takes is a few strategic alterations to the body to transform a single-muscle move into a multi-muscle masterpiece. You can strengthen not only your arms and chest, but also your abdominals and lats.

This bodyweight triceps extension can be done with the help of a power rack, Smith machine, or any stable bar.

Triceps Extension: A Guide to Using Your Own Body Weight

Begin by assuming an overhand grip on the bar. You should stand in a plank position with your arms extended and elbows locked, keeping your glutes and abs squeezed together.

At this point, you should bend your elbows and bring your torso forward, dipping your head under the bar. Stay grounded and only lean forward as far as you feel comfortable going; doing so will protect your shoulders from injury.

You should keep your elbows in a straight line with each other as you flex your triceps and squeeze.

It should be a high-rep exercise because it uses only your own body weight. For this, two or three AMRAP sets should do the trick; failure is acceptable.

Adding more difficulty is as simple as going backwards in difficulty. When you lower the bar on the rack, you increase the intensity of the exercise, working your abs and lats, and stretching your triceps.

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