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This individual has built a beautiful and detailed diorama of the Flying Dragon Agheel

Wow, this is really beautiful.



Elden Ring’s players are still coming up with fantastic new ways to use the game even six months after its release. It’s to be expected, I suppose, from the best-selling game in American history. Anyway, this masterpiece by Reddit user TheChondroCompany is one of the most stunning fan-made items based on the game we’ve ever seen.

TheChondroCompany has uploaded a diorama of the Flying Dragon Agheel boss fight in Elden Ring to Reddit. There are a few different dragons you’ll come across in the game, and one of them, Agheel, swoops down on you as you cross the shallow lake that bears its name and pelts you with fire. Check out the detail work below.

The fire explosion in particular is impressive to look at, but it’s actually just cotton wrapped around an LED. Even though the bulk of the diorama is built from foam and resin, it is the expertise and foresight of TheChondroCompany that has brought it to life. Both Agheel and the Prisoner who stares up at the boss from below are 3D printed models. The Reddit thread contains additional photos taken from various angles.

Indeed, it is a remarkable work of art, and suggestions for further creations by TheChondroCompany are currently being accepted. We have heard of the Radahn Festival, the Walking Mausoleum, and Astel Naturalborn of the Void. In the future, TheChondroCompany hopes to upload videos to YouTube that detail the entire procedure.

The Elden Ring community has demonstrated a variety of physical crafts to us. In July, a hand-made tableware company came up with a unique take on the classic round shape of the Living Jar by designing an Iron Fist Alexander mug. Though, most fan works have been implemented directly into the game itself. The modding scene is a simple case in point. The game’s difficulty has been increased, new classes have been implemented, and even Thomas the Tank Engine has made his way to The Lands Between, all thanks to the game’s active modding community. As time goes on, there will undoubtedly be a slew of additional fan-made contributions.