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This question sparks intense debate around what villains should appear in the new Netflix series from Marvel

Fans are hoping that Daredevil returns in Disney’s ‘Born Again’ for a season and will feature Bullseye and Mister Fear as bad guys.



She-Hulk writer Jessica Gao said they were surprised to be able to use Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, who made his debut in the Netflix series of the same name and didn’t become canonical to the MCU until Spider-Man: No Way Home. As one of the most compellingly written superheroes in the genre and comic book medium, the Man Without Fear and his cast of characters are finally getting the mainstream attention they deserve with Marvel Studios’ Daredevil: Born Again.

The first season will consist of 18 episodes, and while Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin has already been confirmed to return, fans are understandably curious about which other villains will appear opposite Charlie Cox’s Daredevil. Fans on Reddit are looking forward to the sequel/soft-reboot series developing the hero’s rogues’ gallery, whether that happens in the first season or a second season. There is a wide variety of villains to choose from, ranging from the ominous return of Bullseye to the more obscure Muse.


Muse, one of the more recent and underappreciated henchmen, resonated with comic book readers due to his disturbing originality. Deranged artist and serial killer, his “work” consisted of killing people and using them as props. Even Daredevil’s superior Radar Sense would have a hard time locating him due to his metahuman abilities.

Since his first appearance wasn’t until 2016 during Charles Soule’s run on Daredevil, it’s understandable that he’s relatively unknown. The idea that Muse is an evasive killer “who confused his senses and DD being criticized in the press, to Fisk’s amusement, for not capturing him” was proposed by Reddit user Wild Process 6747 as a clever way to utilize a villain of his caliber. Similarly, it’s hard to picture a Disney+ adaptation that does the villain justice, given how much he’d be watered down.


There were many great things about the original TV series, but one of the best parts of Daredevil’s third season was undoubtedly Wilson Bethel’s Bullseye. The writers took some liberties with the psychotic villains, but they still managed to make Bullseye in this live-action adaptation into a frightening and disorganized foe in his own right. Damientepps on Reddit expressed interest in seeing Bethel reprise the role “need Bullseye [to] come back already. So, hand the costume to him.”

While Season 3 did a good job of wrapping up any remaining plot threads, the season finale cliffhanger involving Bullseye getting his spine fixed sets up a triumphant return in a soft-reboot series that will please both old and new viewers. It’s safe to say that the events of season 3 won’t overlap with those of the upcoming Born Again.

In Daredevil, one of the most interesting antagonists is Typhoid Mary, who was introduced by writer Ann Nocenti but never got her own proper live-action appearance. She has also, technically, been portrayed in the MCU, in the form of Alice Eve. Despite being a major antagonist in Daredevil’s section of Hell’s Kitchen, she was unfortunately used as a villain in Iron Fist.

One Reddit user, Chrispy Kelloggs, expressed hope for a worthy redebut of Alice Eve’s interpretation, adding that “maybe something a bit closer to the comic version” would be more appropriate. Keeping with the gritty setting, a compelling storyline could develop out of her multiple personalities or her pyrokinetic abilities.


Given his fate in season 3 of the original Daredevil series, a full live-action adaptation of the Gladiator seemed like something the show was hinting at. Melvin Potter (Matt Gerald), who designed Daredevil’s suit, was a recurring character, but his arrest at the end suggests he will turn evil. In the comics, at least, Potter dons the costume because he has irrational beliefs about his own superiority to superheroes.

A similar motivation and grudge against Daredevil could be justified in Born Again, given that he was caught by the FBI working for Wilson Fisk again in season three. Reddit user Chrispy Kelloggs shared similar sentiments, writing, “also like to reintroduce Melvin Potter, but show that he actually became The Gladiator in the years after S3.” Given the time gap between the original show and Born Again in 2024, this is also something that seems plausible.


The 1960s and 1970s saw a rise in the popularity of comic books with many characters that were exaggerated to the point of being comically campy. Many of those characters, including Daredevil’s Stilt-Man, were viewed as jokes that failed to hold up over time. He lives up to the absurdity of his moniker, but some supporters see potential in his zaniness.

Fans like Reddit user Uncanny Doom, who wrote, “Stilt-Man would be perfect to use in a brief fashion the way we’ve seen characters like Batroc or Crossbones appear briefly in the Captain America stuff,” think the MCU should use more comedic relief. Born Again could begin with Daredevil putting him in his place, they said, which would be an appropriate way to acknowledge his rather pathetic gimmick. He’d still be funny, but not in the way that comics from the 1970s made him out to be. Instead, Chip Zdarsky’s current run on the comic book series features a self-aware Stilt-Man, which is another of the best issues of Daredevil to introduce the character to new readers.


Disney’s commitment to family-friendly programming makes it unlikely that Born Again will retain the gritty, crime-noir feel of the original series. However, taking cues from Mark Waid’s Daredevil comics would be a great compromise. And his run was praised for introducing new villains like the mysterious Ikari to Daredevil’s colorful rogues’ gallery.

An intriguing dark mirror of the hero, this masked killer donned a Daredevil suit with a Japanese theme and claimed to have the same powers as the superhero. In an interesting introduction, Reddit user LR-II suggested, “Ikari could be used to bring Elektra back into the spotlight. You can make a connection to both Ikari and Elektra’s time as Daredevil by having her fight him out of pure spite, but throwing in the twist that she has been brainwashed into it.”

Mr. Anxiety

It’s common knowledge that both Marvel and DC Comics stole ideas for heroes and villains from one another; one could even make the case that Daredevil’s Mister Fear is a ripoff of Batman’s Scarecrow. While others disagreed, Reddit user Tgk230987 thought he was one of the “other classic villains” that Born Again could benefit from. However, the third Mister Fear, Lawrence Cranston, has the potential to be a fascinating antagonist in his own right.

Cranston developed a deep-seated hatred for Daredevil after Murdock beat him in a mock trial while they were both in law school, giving this Mister Fear a motivation more directly related to Daredevil than what Scarecrow typically is to Batman. Fear would stand out more if Born Again used him as an increasingly obsessive and upset antagonist.

What’s Up, You Might Ask? It’s the Owl

Reddit user Tgk230987 made a suggestion that another classic Daredevil villain, The Owl, be featured in the new show. Actually, the Owl did appear in the pilot episode before the Kingpin put an end to his story. This version of Leland Owlsley, while appropriate for the character the writers aimed for, isn’t exactly villainous.

He was a dirty accountant for Fisk and company, and he was corrupt. He did, however, reveal that he had a son who was living out of state, prompting many readers to speculate that the younger man would eventually relocate to Hell’s Kitchen and assume the role of the comic book version of Owl’s more conventional crime boss persona. Since Endgame, many of Kingpin’s rivals in the criminal underworld have been eliminated, so it would be interesting to see The Owl introduced as a legitimate adversary for both Kingpin and Matt Murdock.

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