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This zero-emission cold vehicle is ready for subzero temperatures

This iced-out vehicle is ready for subzero temperatures.



Because no one wants to ruin the pristine beauty of Antarctica’s frozen tundra by releasing harmful emissions, an electric vehicle was developed specifically for the continent that can operate in subzero temperatures without breaking a sweat. The Venturi Antarctica is an all-electric research vehicle built to withstand the harsh polar climate. Two electric motors power the 5,500-pound tracked electric vehicle. Every single motor generates 60 kW of power. The 52.6 kWh battery pack allows for a possible driving range of 31-124 miles. The Venturi Antarctica has enough room for six people, in addition to supplies and a spare battery. Venturi is currently serving as a researcher at Antarctica’s Princess Elisabeth Station. Can you picture yourself driving this electric vehicle?

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This antarctic vehicle emits no harmful gases and can handle the cold. first published on Autoblog on August 11, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. EDT. For more information about how to use our feeds, please read our policies.