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Thousands of people call for help as 3 months worth of rain slams Dallas, Texas

Tuesday morning, Dallas got a month’s worth of rain overnight. People in the area were asked to stay clear and avoid any misstep.



After three months’ worth of rain pounded the Dallas area overnight, officials have confirmed one death.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins revealed the death of a 60-year-old woman when her car was swept away by floodwaters on Monday.

The 15.16 inches of rain that fell on eastern Dallas caused a flood that only happens once every thousand years.

Dallas receives around 8 inches of rain on average during the summer months.

Clay kept quiet about the woman’s true identity.

ABC Dallas affiliate WFAA reported that a body was recovered from a car near the Scyene Road Bridge in Mesquite, Texas, about 15 miles east of Dallas. City officials said the vehicle was found as the water level dropped.

Overnight, the rain rate reached 3 inches per hour, prompting many people to leave their cars stranded in the rain.

There were 133 calls of high water that the Fort Worth Fire Department said they responded to. In 2017, Dallas Fire-Rescue reported attending 186 high water incidents and 314 vehicle accidents.

This past Monday evening, County Executive Jenkins issued a disaster declaration for the county.

Jenkins tweeted that he was declaring a state of disaster in Dallas County based on early damage assessments and asking for help from the state and federal governments.

This follows a period of exceptional drought in the Dallas area, the NOAA’s highest drought classification.

As a result, eastern Texas, northern Louisiana, and central Mississippi can expect precipitation on Monday night.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, heavy rainfall of up to six inches is predicted for parts of Louisiana and Mississippi, which could lead to flooding.

This report was compiled with assistance from ABC News’ Kenton Gewecke and Melissa Griffin.