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Threads, Kybella, and ‘Liquid Facelifts’: A Few Things This Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Won’t Do

How does the face age and why are treatments like filler not the long-term solution? According to double board-certified plastic surgeon Amir Karam, aging isn’t just loss of volume, which fillers are often utilized for. Dr. Karam notes that many injectors offer liquid facelift options where filler is used to lift in certain areas, but because it’s meant to replace volume loss, it can make the face look puffy and distorted. Additionally, as…



Let’s select a person in their fifties to illustrate the truth of the situation. 99% of the time, if someone doesn’t appear to have neck laxity or jowling, it’s because they’ve had an operation to fix it. Considering that the natural aging process truly begins to take hold in one’s late 40s and manifests itself in one’s 50s. Unless you’re extremely uncommon and endowed with fantastic genetics, which will eventually catch up nevertheless. If you have already undergone cosmetic surgery, lying about it is somewhat risky and unethical, especially if you’re trying to sell something.

In today’s episode, we enquire further about facial aging and the procedures Dr. Karam, a seasoned plastic surgeon, would steer clear of. Shop Gloss Angeles this episode.

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