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In its 2022 competition, the Little League World Series will emphasize “world” once more.

The 75th Little League World Series will once again offer the best competition from around the world, including two new expansion teams for both the United States and foreign competition, a year after boasting an all-U.S. field for the first time since 1975.

Taylor North Little League (Taylor, Michigan) defeated West Side Little League (Hamilton, Ohio) in the championship game on the previous field. With the reintroduction of teams from abroad, there will obviously be no such final this year.

The United States has won the Little League World Series three years in a row, which is the longest winning streak since American teams won the competition five times in a row from 2005 to 2009. Will the current streak continue, or will a foreign club win the championship?

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The Sporting News offers all the information you require regarding the competition this year:

the Little League World Series teams 2022

Due to the return of international teams in 2022 for the first time since 2019, the Little League World Series will have a 20-team field for the first time. To make the field of this year’s competition 20 teams, two teams from each bracket — Metro and Mountain in the United States and Panama and Puerto Rico internationally — will be included.

Also noteworthy: The three expansion teams for the Little League World Series will rotate over a three-year period starting in 2022, with Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Panama receiving the first two automatic berths. Panama and Cuba will be included in the rotation of car bids in 2023, followed by Cuba and Puerto Rico in 2024. Through its regional competition, the third nation each year will still have a chance to qualify (Cuba did not make it out of the Caribbean region this year).

The following list of teams will compete for the Little League World Series championship in 2022:

American sports teams

Team Location by Region North America Middleborough Young League Greater Middleborough Area Massachusetts Coast Young League New York’s Massapequa, Mid-Atlantic Area of Hollidaysburg MLB in the summer Young League South Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania Nolensville Young League Great Lakes Nolensville, Tennessee Hagerstown Young League Midwest: Hagerstown, Indiana Davenport Southeast Davenport Little League, Iowa Mountain Canyon Snow Santa Clara Little League, Southwest Utah Northwest of Texas Pearland Little League Bonnie Lake and Sumner Young League Wash. Bonney Lake, West Honolulu Honolulu Little League in Hawaii

world-wide teams

Team Location by Region South America 14. September Managua Little League, Nicaragua Caribbean Curcaco Pabao Little League Willemstad Australia Brisbane North Queensland Little League, Australia Canada a little mountain Young League British Columbia’s Vancouver Europe-Africa Romagna Emilia Young League Italy’s Bologna Asia-Pacific Fu Lin Young League Chinese city of Taipei Taipei Panama Cabezera Aguadulce Aguadulce Little League, Panama Japan Takaruzaka Japanese Little League Takaruzaka Virgin Islands Guaynabo Guaynabo Little League, Puerto Rico Mexico Matamoros Matamoros Little League, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Bracket for the 2022 Little League World Series

The complete bracket for the 2022 Little League World Series is available for download here in PDF format.

Location of the Little League World Series

Williamsport, Pennsylvania will once again serve as the venue for the Little League World Series, which has been held there since 1947.

What age range is under the Little League World Series?

Participants this year must be between the ages of 10 and 12. Only 11- and 12-year-olds were allowed to compete in the two previous competitions. Prior to then, the age group permitted kids as old as 13 to participate in the game.

What is the maximum LLWS pitch count?

Given that 10-year-olds are now permitted to compete, the 2022 Little League World Series features different pitch count regulations for its competitors this year (unlike the two previous tournaments, which allowed only 11-to-12-year-olds).

10 year olds in Little League Baseball are limited to 75 pitches. Players that are 11 or 12 years old can make up to 85 pitches in a game. For all players aged 10 to 12, the designated rest interval per pitch count is the same and stays the same as in previous years:

Pitches Days of rest: 66–85, 4–65, 3–50, 2–35, 1–20.

Size of the Little League World Series field

46 feet: rubber pitching to home plate

rubber pitching to home plate Basepaths’ length is 60 feet.

Home plate to the outfield fence is 225 feet away from the basepaths.

With the Little League World Series moving back to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the series will continue to be contested at the identically sized Howard J. Lamade and Little League Volunteer stadiums.

Who was the LLWS 2021 champion?

Swift North The Taylor Little League in Michigan won the Little League World Series in 2021. For a Michigan team, it was their first such victory since 1959. In the LLWS championship game, the group defeated West Side Little League of Hamilton, Ohio, 5-2. (previously beating the team 9-1 in the Great Lakes Regional final).

With victories of 3-0 in the Michigan state championship tournament and 4-0 in the Great Lakes Regional tournament, Taylor North went 7-0 to go to the Little League World Series. The squad finished the Hank Aaron championship bracket 4-1, dropping just a 2-0 decision against Hawaii in the third round. Michigan won the bracket final, 2-1, exacting revenge for the defeat.

Champions of the Little League World Series in the past

The most Little League World Series victories are held by Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), with 17. (with the last win coming in 1996). Next on the list are California, which last won in 2011, and Japan, which has nine (last won in 2017).

Hawaii (2018), Louisiana (2019), and Michigan have all produced new winners in each of the previous three Little League World Series (2021).