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Tiffany redesigns the LoL Worlds trophy

The League of Legends World Championship trophy, the 2017 prize for EDward Gaming, will have a redesign led by luxury jeweler Tiffany.



Tiffany & Co., the maker of fine jewelry, will oversee a redesign of the League of Legends World Championship trophy, which was most recently won by EDward Gaming.

For competitive players of League of Legends, the Summoner’s Cup is the pinnacle of prizes. Thomas Lyte designed it, and his company says it took 300 hours and eight people to make. It’s a historic landmark in the game that will be updated for the Summer 2022 season. Tiffany & Co., a jeweler based in New York City, has been tapped by Riot Games to redesign the World Championship trophy. Our current understanding of the reworked Summoner’s Cup is as follows.

The 2012 Season 2 World Championship was for the original Summoner’s Cup. Thomas Lyte, an upscale English firm that specializes in sporting trophies, created the original LoL Worlds trophy. The organization has created many of the most prestigious classic sports awards. Trophy designs for the LEC and LCS tournaments were also created by Thomas Lyte.

Now Riot has gone domestic, teaming up with American jewelry giant Tiffany & Co, a prestigious firm that has designed many of the world’s most recognizable sports trophies. Currently, Tiffany has designed the NBA Championship, NHL Stanley Cup, and NBL Championship trophies.

For the second time, Riot Games and Tiffany & Co. have worked together. The Chinese LPL trophy was also created by the American firm. In 2022, at the World Cup, it will debut its next piece of hardware. Announcing the event, Riot said, “marks a new era for LoL Esports” as the competitive scene of the game enters its second decade.

The new League of Legends World Championship trophy is expected to be unveiled when.

The new Summoner’s Cup is to be unveiled for the first time on Monday, August 29 in a “global digital debut… across Riot Games, LoL Esports, and Tiffany & Co. digital and social channels.”

The new cup is said to weigh a whopping 44 pounds (20kg) while standing 27 inches (67cm) tall, ensuring to live up to the immense size of it’s predecessor. announced that Tiffany & Co. would redesign the League of Legends World Championship trophy.