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Tiki-Toker wants to reward customer loyalty We offer Kroger points for every purchase you make through our app

Drake Pooley found a way to build his Kroger rewards points using his old landline number.



The story of a Kroger employee who went viral on TikTok after he received rewards points by using an old landline number.

The nine-second clip, posted by user Drake Pooley (@drakepooley), shows the exterior of a Kroger as Pooley enters the store. He then makes a video of himself using his landline’s keypad to accrue and redeem Kroger rewards points.

It’s safe to assume that whoever currently uses Pooley’s landline has acquired the number. But he won’t let go of the rewards points accrued by his family.

The TikToker says in a voice-over, “To whoever now has the phone number from my family’s landline in the mid-2000s, sorry, but you’re going to have to pry our KrogerPlus Rewards account from my cold, dead hands.”

We didn’t work so hard for 20 years to give up now,” Pooley wrote as a caption.

Since it was uploaded on August 2, the video has been viewed more than 842,000 times. Similarly, a number of viewers admitted they are still collecting rewards by using their own or a loved one’s old landline number.

One commenter revealed that their best friend was using their authorizing Kroger account.

I still call my ex-parents boyfriend’s at their house. Someone else chimed in, I dated him like 20 years ago.”

“Yes! One more added, “My parents haven’t had a landline in line for 10 years, but we all use the same Kroger card with that ph#, lol.”

Many people in the comments section argued that when rewards are pooled, everyone can benefit.

While my grandma isn’t a motorist, I always put her fuel points to good use. One user remarked, “She really piles them up.”

Since 2007, a Vietnamese woman in New York City has been living with me in Dallas and using my CVS reward card. Another added, “Neither one of us is going to let go.”

The person who has it now always lets me use the fuel points to get the cheapest gas money can buy, so that’s good news,” said a third.

The Daily Dot asked Drake Pooley and Kroger for comment through TikTok and email, respectively.

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TikToker uses family’s old landline number to earn Kroger rewards points. This article originally appeared on The Daily Dot.