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To Understand Gaming, Watch These 10 Coming-of-Age Movies

Hulu’s Prey steps away from the horror action genre and takes us into the dark, yet hopeful anti-establishment coming of age story.



There’s a lot going on in Mirror, and it’s difficult to keep up, but it’s well worth it. Because of its originality, it defies easy classification. Even so, it contains enough elements of coming of age to be considered one of the most beautiful, moving, and mysterious stories about growing up, getting older, and the potency of memories.

Typical del Toro style for a coming-of-age story — The Labyrinth of Pan (2006)

Ofelia (Ivana Baquero), a lonely 10-year-old living with her tyrannical stepfather and pregnant mother, finds solace in a crumbling labyrinth guarded by a mysterious faun in Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, one of the best Mexican films of the century so far.

The film is an engaging celebration of a child’s innocence triumphing over the senselessness of violence and war, full of fascinating visuals, phenomenal performances, and the charm of del Toro’s unique directing style.

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