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Todd Bowles believes that Tom Brady will start the regular season opener following the team’s official roster release

Poor Todd Bowles. He’s still fielding questions every time he meets with reporters about Tom Brady’s training camp absence, even as reports suggest that Brady will return soon.



Since Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady hasn’t said a word about his continued absence from training camp, the team’s head coach is constantly pressed for an update.

Bowles was asked about Brady’s status again on Sunday, right off the bat in his press conference following the team’s preseason game against the Titans. Multiple reports have suggested that Brady will return soon.

As Bowles put it, “he’ll be back this week” was something he’d predicted a week and a half ago. In other words, nothing has altered that. We anticipate his return this coming week.

How soon will the day be?

Bowles promised that it would happen “this week, early.”

In the closing minutes of the video meeting, Bowles was asked if Brady would suit up for the team’s final preseason game next Saturday against the Colts. Even Bowles didn’t completely dismiss the possibility.

Bowles replied, “Not yet.” We’ll wait until the end of the week to make those calls and see how practice goes in the meantime.

If Tom Brady suits up for the Bucs, then the Colts game becomes mandatory viewing.

This article, written by our friends at Pro Football Talk, first appeared on their site.