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Top Minecraft enchantments

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There are many applications for your boots, even if they may not be the first item of armor that comes to mind when you picture your armor in Minecraft. But you can use them for quite a few more things if you enchant them. There are more than ten different enchantments that can be placed on your feet, but only a certain number can be worn at once. Here are our top options for the five enchantments for Minecraft boots.

The top five Minecraft boot enchantments

Depth Strider 5.

Your swimming speed will rise using Depth Strider. These are a requirement if you intend to search for sunken ships or underwater temples when exploring a maritime biome. They might make the difference between you breathing and drowning.

4. Protection Protection helps shield you against widespread harm, as you might infer from the name. This enchantment can help you live a little while longer while the others on this list will benefit you in particular ways.

3. Repairing

You should add the Mending enchantment to any object that has numerous enchantments on it. This will ensure that whenever you acquire experience orbs while wearing your boots, their durability will reappear. By applying this to them, you can practically make them invincible.

Frost Walker 2.

You must pick one or the other because Frost Walker is incompatible with Depth Strider. Anytime you tread on a water block while wearing these boots, it will momentarily turn to ice. This allows you to cross oceans while running. You won’t suffer damage from Magma Blocks while wearing this, making it beneficial for navigating The Nether. 1. Feather Falling

Our favorite Boots enchantment is Feather Falling since it halves fall damage. This might mean the difference between life and death if you fall while digging a hole or are pushed off a high bridge.