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Tower of Fantasy isn’t a game where you’ll only be rooting for Simulacra and Weapons. The Stanard and the Resurrection of Clemency Banners also feature a special area devoted to matrices. Like the game’s other currencies and materials, matrices can be equipped and upgraded as part of your weapons.

You can play Joint Operations in the hopes of receiving drops, or you can use the Choice Matrices and Reconstruction Matrix Banners to randomly generate high-quality matrices. After 40 pulls, a guaranteed SSR Matrix is generated from Proof of Purchase items used in Choice Matrices. To obtain a receipt, follow these simple steps.

Guaranteed: They are part of a special Limited Gift Pack for the premium currency Tanium, which can be bought with real money.

Limited Gift Packs for the premium currency Tanium (based on real-world dollars) are now available. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Buy one for 150 DC or as many as you like for DC in 150 DC increments.

You can purchase one for 150 Dark Crystals, or any number you like for 150 Dark Crystals each. For sure: finish an event from the Void Rift Challenge. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you will be given a new reward token to use at the conclusion of the activity.

No Promises Made: Eventually, you can get a bunch of Proof of Purchases for a discount or even for free as part of the Clotho Supply Pod.

It’s possible, but not guaranteed, that a Claire Dream ball will appear whenever you open a chest or Supply Pod in the overworld. Proof of Purchases are occasionally awarded for completing the Dream sequence’s challenge room.

Similar to how Gold Nuclei should be saved for the temporary Banner currencies, Dark Crystals should not be used to purchase Proofs of Purchase. Even more so for pulling for Matrices, as their availability increases in contexts like Joint Operations and eliminates the necessity of doing so. While even the hardest Join Operations won’t guarantee you any SSR Matrix drops, they are a fun and uncomplicated way to level up and acquire new pieces of equipment. You need only exercise some restraint and gather up a healthy supply of Vitality.