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Toyota expects a coupe and convertible body style

Toyota is set to release more new cars in the future.



David Koichi Chao, the owner of the YouTube channel Automotive Press, keeps up with Japanese automotive news. According to CarBuzz, Chao obtained the most recent copy of Japan’s Best Car magazine, which includes some intriguing information about the 2017 Toyota Crown. According to Best Car, Toyota intends to sell the Crown as a coupe in 2025 or 2026 and maybe as a convertible a year or two later. According to the magazine, Toyota intends to develop Crown into a sub-brand that would elevate Toyota above the Avalon but clearly not to the level of Lexus. The LC serves as the flagship for Lexus, and a possible Crown coupe would be the same for the Toyota lineup.

Research Make (e.g. Cadillac)

We are unable to even guess at the truth of this story. The big coupe sector, which includes everything below Bentley and Aston Martin, is the one segment that struggles to carry its own weight. That’s unfortunate because there are some outstanding two-door heavy hitters available that we recently pleaded with wealthy individuals to purchase more of. The Audi R8 (with an emphasis more on “flagship” than “big” coupe) is under end-of-life care, while the BMW 8 Series still seems lost in the woods. The Lexus LC sold 2,782 vehicles in the United States last year; this year’s sales are already far below that pitiful total. The Mercedes SL, a convertible version of the AMG GT, which, incidentally, sold 3,110 units of all three body types last year in the U.S., has replaced the S-Class coupe as a distinct vehicle (four-door, two-door, and convertible).

If you want to take Toyota upmarket, the LC starts at around $95,000, which leaves plenty of room below for, hypothetically, a Crown coupe in the $50,000 to $60,000 bracket. The Lexus RC starts at roughly $45,000, which is difficult. How do you price the Crown without making the comparison between the RC and a Crown coupe’s objective and target market unclear? A Crown coupe can be perceived as serving a different purpose than the RC and appealing to a different consumer group.

Automotive Press claims that Best Car portrays Toyota’s and Lexus’ lineups as diverging due to distinct powertrain pathways, with Lexus going electric in the medium term and Toyota delaying going all-EV for a while. The Crown coupe and convertible appear in Best Car’s pictures to be less curvaceous variants of the LC, as if Lexus had killed the LC and then redesigned and relaunched it as the Crown coupe and roadster.

But once more, we’re including this for future use. A second body type for the Crown that also introduced a fun coupe to the market would undoubtedly make us happy.

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