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Trey Gowdy talks to an Afghan interpreter, who says Afghanistan is worse than before 9/11

Afghan interpreter Jamil Hassan reflected on how President Biden’s disastrous pullout in 2021 had changed American society.



Afghan interpreter Jamil Hassan appeared on “Sunday Night in America” to discuss the state of his home country after being forced to flee from it last year.

August marked the one-year anniversary of President Biden’s decision to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan, leading to the fall of the country to Taliban forces. Although Biden previously insisted that U.S. military would stay in the country until all American and Afghan allies were evacuated, hundreds of Americans and thousands of Afghanistan allies were left stranded after the troops left.

Hassan told host Trey Gowdy that he felt betrayed by Vice President Joe Biden and his decision to abandon the country after being one of many Afghan allies evacuated through the Kabul airport.

“President Biden’s decision to withdraw all American forces from Afghanistan violated most of these commitments. The future I envisioned for myself was in my own country, serving my own people. I never imagined that I would be here, being interviewed on Fox News. But unfortunately, because of the decision made by President Biden, here I am with hundreds of thousands of my fellow citizens leaving their country, starting life from scratch here and across the world. Even now, tens of thousands of them are living in refugee camps in countries like Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and even Ukraine. All hope for a happy life has been shattered for them. A dash to their hopes. There is no longer a country called “home” for us. Everything we’ve accomplished in the last two decades has been erased as a result of the influence of the global community “What Hassan said.


“There is no explanation to this. An obvious slip-up, for sure. No good could have come from making this choice “Moreover, he remarked.

There were 183 deaths, including 13 American servicemen, when suicide bombers struck during the evacuation at Kabul Airport. Ten Afghan civilians, including seven children, were killed in retaliation when the United States launched two drone strikes against suspected ISIS-K terrorists.

Hassan shared his reasons for leaving his country and his belief that others probably felt the same way.

“I felt a great sadness in my chest as the c17 took off from Kabul Airport. I couldn’t get to sleep even as everyone else had fallen asleep, because I was afraid I was losing something irreplaceable. I still keep hoping that one day I’ll wake up and everything will be back to normal, as it was this time last year and for the prior two decades, when I lived in a democracy and experienced happiness and peace. That’s the only way I can put it into words, “I quote Hassan:

A year ago, Vice President Biden said he would “stay” in Afghanistan until “all” U.S. troops had left. HE BROKEN HIS PROMISE

Hassan said that the United States continues to ignore Afghanistan despite the fact that the country has “backward a hundred years.”

“Afghanistan today is not even comparable to pre-September 11th levels. It’s even worse than that because they deliberately ignore the realities of Afghanistan and the successes of its people. The fact that Afghanistan has been forgotten by the international community is even worse. Not just because they prefer to remain ignorant of the conflict in Ukraine. For instance, President Biden has stated on multiple occasions that he does not wish to discuss Afghanistan. And he should hear about it,” he said.

Hassan also expressed concern about the potential for widespread and negative repercussions, especially in Ukraine and Taiwan.

“This is the tragedy, the disaster that he has inflicted upon not only my nation and its people, but also the Ukrainians. Right after America and its allies left Afghanistan, that gave an incentive to Russia to attack Ukraine. Also, China’s threats to Taiwan’s safety are continuing to make headlines, and who knows what the future holds. And the result for Americans and America of this disorganized withdrawal is that their allies no longer trust them. Do countries in the Middle East, South Korea, and Japan really believe that the United States will always be there to support them? I highly doubt they believe that. They want to find more people to work with, “Eventually, Hassan ended the conversation.