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Tricky relationships are especially hard on Monday, August 22

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In other words, be ready to absorb new information if you decide to crack open the book of knowledge. This suggests that once we take action, we must see it through to its conclusion and not back down.

Because we take action, we must accept responsibility for its outcomes.

During today’s Mercury trine Pluto, we’re in a combative mood because Pluto won’t rest until we tear the pages of the book of knowledge to shreds. In addition, many of us find that our own relatives make the ideal practice partners.

When we’re in the mood for a fight, it’s often the members of our own family that provide us with the most opportunities for conflict. There will always be someone in that mob with whom we will have a major disagreement that will lead to a major war.

That’s how today’s Mercury trine Pluto influences us; it makes us obnoxious, hostile, and bratty. Arguing with those closest to us is a surefire way to get to their weak spots, so we do it whenever possible. How awful! Yes, Mercury trining Pluto always wants more.

If you were born today under one of the zodiac signs listed here, you are now the villain of your own story. It will be you who says something shocking to a member of your family. If you really put in the time and effort, you might be able to completely ruin them.

We, ourselves, are the reason why today is so terrible. We can’t be stopped; we seek out loved ones, incite conflict, and then laugh at the anguish we’ve caused, because that’s what cruel fools we are.

On Monday, August 22, 2022, Mercury will form a trine with Pluto, intensifying the tensions between these three signs.

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

You no longer have the luxury of playing the victim today; instead, you get to play the aggressor. Maybe you’re sick of being the victim and want to be the one doing the prodding and insisting now that Mercury is trining Pluto. You’ve never had it easy at home, but you’ve never considered that you might be a contributing factor to the problems.

Rather than dividing your attention, you focus on one member of the family at a time and use them against each other. During this transit, your ability to manipulate others will be at an all-time high, and you will take great pleasure in watching as they fight long after you’ve left the room.

You set out this morning to irritate one member of your own family in particular, but you’d be just as happy to see the whole crew drown. Maybe tomorrow you’ll feel all heavenly and fluffy, but today you’re as satanic as they come. Today, Aries, you are nothing but aggressive meanness. Just the way you like it.

2. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

You’re tired of your family being a ‘yes’ machine because you and they have become bored with approval and applause. If a member of your family doesn’t agree with you, you don’t accept them into the family anymore. So simple, in fact.

Despite the fact that your loved ones have gone out of their way to accommodate your every whim, you still fail to see them for the unique human beings they are, failing to recognize that they are not merely machines designed to fulfill your every material and emotional need.

Today, with Mercury trine Pluto reawakening your shadow side, you can confidently stick it to them, making them grovel before your greatness. Here’s the truth: even though you consider yourself a master, your loved ones still see you through the eyes of a child. There is a widespread perception of you as being reckless and immature.

3. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

You make a big deal out of the fact that one particular family member drives you absolutely insane. Everyone around you knows that you enjoy taking the role of victim. You’ve been complaining about this person like they’re the worst thing ever, but you keep putting up with them in your life.

You keep putting up with the abuse this person dishes out, and you may as well be the boy who cried wolf at this point. The Mercury-Pluto trine today gives you the chance to treat a loved one like garbage, but you’ll feel terrible about it later on when you realize how much you care about them.

You, Virgo, have been putting far too much thought into this relative and not enough into your own life. In other words, when it comes time to assess how YOU are feeling, all you have are references to them. Hey there, Virgo! How are you doing today? “My sister is the worst sister ever,” I said. And so it shall be for you today, under the influence of Mercury’s harmonious trine to Pluto.

Ruby Miranda provides astrological, runic, and Tarot card interpretations in addition to her expertise in the I Ching. She has been a professional intuitive reader for over 20 years, and she does private readings.