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Trump calls talk show host Bill Maher ‘a low-ratings dummy’ and rips him for the Mar-a-Lago raid

Donald Trump fumed that the burglary was unsavory, being said by him to be an assault on the country’s liberties.



On Saturday night, Donald Trump attacked comedian Bill Maher for his claims from the previous weekend that the FBI’s unannounced search of Mar-a-Lago gave the former president a much-needed boost in support.

Trump also seemed to take aim at Fox News for reporting on Bill Maher’s attacks on Democrats and Republicans during his late night show, ‘Real Time With Bill Maher.’

The ex-president vented on his app Truth Social, saying, “Every time low ratings dummy Bill Maher has anything nasty to say about your favorite President, me, Fox finds a way to put him on, usually sandwiched between really bad anti-Trump ads.”

“Maher is a loser, and MAGA gets it — but Fox doesn’t,” the tweet reads.

The President of the United States continued, He told me that the break-in at my house was a blessing in disguise because it would boost my popularity. Wrong, it was an attack on liberty, and it did a lot of damage to our country, which is already in a state of extreme anger.

With, “And no, I was, and am, leading everybody in the POLLS – BY A LOT!!!” he concluded.

Maher referred to the raid as “saving Trump politically” on his regular Friday night show last week, and he also said it would be the end of the road for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is widely considered a possible presidential candidate in 2024.

Neither candidate has made an official announcement of their candidacy. When asked about a possible run for president in 2020, neither DeSantis nor Trump have closed the door on the possibility.

His luck was changing for the worse. The Big Lie was beginning to lose steam. You know who hates it more than anyone else that DeSantis was outperforming him in the polls? Maher called him “DeSantis.”

Maher continued, “I had this in the bag, and now I gotta run against President Martyr,” presumably the Florida Republican’s thought process.

And politically, he continued, “this is saving Trump because now, of course, all the Republicans – what do they do?”

Maher’s most recent taped show, which aired last Friday, featured more of his trademark digs at Trump.

The comedian was making the point that candidates backed by Trump have fared well in primaries, with the majority of them defeating more entrenched Republican figures.

Put down Mr. Evil all you want, but what a politician. That’s impressive, in a nefarious sort of way, but impressive all the same, Maher remarked.

Trump has denied that the raid affected his poll numbers, but on Saturday night he shared an article from that claimed he had benefited from the fallout from the Mar-a-Lago incident.

According to a poll conducted by Politico and the Morning Consult on August 10, support for the former president among Republican primary voters has increased from 53% in mid-July to 57% today.

Meanwhile, DeSantis saw a decline from 23% to 17% of likely voters, despite the fact that his 2024 support has caught up with and even exceeded Trump’s in several early battleground state polls.

Two days after the FBI’s surprise search of Mar-a-Lago, on August 10, a poll was taken, but the warrant used by federal officials had not yet been made public.