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Trump has targeted Dr Oz, questioning how the longstanding TV personality could be drawing such low support in polls

John Fetterman said he thinks it would be ’embarrassing’ for Trump if Oz lost the race



According to Rolling Stone, Trump has voiced concern about Dr. Oz’s campaign for the Pennsylvania Senate.

Given his high profile, Trump wondered why the ex-talk show host is trailing in the polls.

According to the report, the ex-president even asked his allies if the current polls were legitimate.

According to Rolling Stone, former President Donald Trump predicted that Dr. Mehmet Oz would “fucking lose” the Pennsylvania Senate race if he didn’t change his campaign strategy, and he questioned how such a well-known television personality could be trailing in the polls.

For the first time since returning to the campaign trail this month after several months of recovery from a stroke he suffered in May, Democratic Senate nominee Lt. Gov. John Fetterman enjoys consistent leads in most major polls.

Nonetheless, Fetterman was constantly posting on Twitter and Facebook, making fun of Oz’s long history in New Jersey and his campaign gaffes.

Even Nicole LaValle, better known as “Jersey Shore” cast member Snooki, was enlisted to help the Democratic candidate troll Oz for ditching the Garden State for Pennsylvania’s Senate race.

According to the report, Trump is not laughing at Oz’s predicament and has wondered how the cardiothoracic surgeon and former talk show host could be struggling in the polls given his sky-high name recognition.

According to reports, Trump has said that Oz’s campaign strategy ‘doesn’t make sense.’

While Trump was courted by a number of candidates, including former hedge fund CEO David McCormick, he ultimately decided to back Oz. (Of the more than 1.3 million votes cast in the GOP primary, McCormick came in second to Oz by a mere 951).

Announcing his plans to visit Pennsylvania on September 3 to campaign for Oz and fellow Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano, who is also trailing in the polls against his Democratic challenger, two-term state Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Trump made the announcement on Friday.

Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich called the report in Rolling Stone “fake news” in a statement released on Friday.

“Dr. Oz has been hard at work in Pennsylvania, trying to win over the votes of every resident by advocating for a “America First” policy. John Fetterman, on the other hand, insists on supporting the radical policies that are ruining the United States “The man spoke up and explained.

Since two-term Republican Sen. Pat Toomey will be retiring soon, this Senate race is an open seat and the Democrats’ best pickup opportunity this year.

Fetterman has spent years building his own personal brand independent of national political influences, and he has campaigned extensively in rural and exurban communities that have moved away from Democrats in recent decades, despite President Joe Biden’s middling approval ratings in Pennsylvania.

Sam Nunberg, a former advisor to the Trump campaign, told Rolling Stone that former President Bush should not have endorsed Trump during the primary election earlier this year.

He argued that President Trump would have been better off remaining politically silent during the primary. Instead, he gave his full support to the Republican nominee who is widely regarded as one of the most flawed in the party’s history.