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Trump supporter Blaine Ginsberg blasts his former employer, Fox News

Former Fox News Political Editor blasts his ex-employer for how it shares false stories about “black helicopters.”



MORE READING The “red mirage” is dissected by an ex-political editor of Fox News, who also explains how Trump attempted to “exploit this aberration.”

Regardless of whether it is true or not, Stirewalt accuses his former employer of feeding far-right viewers’ desires in a clip from “Broken News.”

According to the former political editor of Fox News, “Fox viewers had grown even more habituated to flattery and less willing to accept news that questioned their expectations in the four years since the previous presidential election.” It came as a huge shock to their systems when I served up green beans to viewers who had been spoon-fed ice cream sundaes for years.

Even more so than veteran Fox News host Sean Hannity, opinion host Tucker Carlson has enjoyed some of Fox News’ greatest ratings in recent years.

Carlson is wealthy and well-known, argues Stirewalt in “Broken News. However, he frequently complains about “large, legacy media outlets.” On his show, guests criticize the “corporate media,” and Fox’s CEO hails Carlson as “brave” for bringing up sensitive issues. However, nobody even laughs. Pumping out what your audience wants to hear every night does not need any type of journalistic bravery.

Chris Wallace criticizes Fox News, saying, “I wanted to put all of it behind me.”