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Ty Pennington changes his porch to make it look like a rainstorm

Drew Barrymore’s unique love for rain sparked a trend when she filmed herself dancing outside in July.



reminder to relax and quit overanalyzing everything.”

The Stand-In actress had previously spoken about how much she adored precipitation. Barrymore shared a video with a similar message on social media in May. At the time, she advised people to simply run outside in the rain if it was raining where they were. “Don’t let the chance pass you by.”

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Pennington and his wife Kellee Merrell were lounging in the Miami warmth with their dog, Dory, while Barrymore was making the internet go viral. The HGTV host and Merrell, 34, enjoyed a romantic getaway in July, and he uploaded multiple videos of her taking in the breathtaking oceanfront vista from their balcony.

Pennington begins the reel with an embrace and kiss, but he soon switches to a fun mood by kneeling on the floor and tugging at his wife’s robe.

Miami mornings, Pennington said in the title, but he soon added, “Y’all didn’t believe I could make a serious video, did you?? #justcheckin.”

Merrell, a native of Vancouver, first got to know the well-known carpenter in 2010, while he was filming a TV episode in Toronto. Since then, the two have maintained contact, and Pennington revealed exclusively to PEOPLE that he has “admired Kellee from afar for years.”

The Trading Spaces alum and his social media manager wife reconnected after deciding to quarantine together during the pandemic, and timing was everything for them.

In November 2021, after Pennington proposed over a cup of coffee on the pier of his Florida property, they were married in their Savannah backyard.