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Urban Meyer returns to Fox Sports After leaving the Jaguars, he will be coordinating a Super Bowl show

Urban Meyer returns to Fox Sports after a disastrous Jaguars stint.



Upon leaving the Jacksonville Jaguars, Urban Meyer’s reputation was arguably at its lowest point in its history. It appears that Fox Sports does not care.

The network announced on Friday that Meyer will return to its “Big Noon Kickoff” show as an analyst, where he previously worked before entering the NFL coaching ranks. His former colleagues on the show include Rob Stone, Brady Quinn, Reggie Bush, and Matt Leinart.

It had been speculated for months that Meyer would return to the airwaves right away, but it wasn’t until a few weeks before the season began that it was confirmed.

We won’t stop you if you want to, but it’s probably not necessary to list all the things that went wrong with Meyer’s NFL career. The broad strokes, such as Meyer’s attempt to hire a disgraced strength and conditioning coach, his infamous postgame bar detour, and the kick that broke the camel’s back, could still make for some awkwardness as he sits down on national television.

Meyer was eventually let go by the Jaguars after just 13 games, tied for the shortest tenure in NFL history. He later described the incident as “the worst experience I’ve had in my professional life,” and the Jaguars players seemed to agree.

Naturally, there is a huge gap between what constitutes an NFL head coach and a college football analyst (e.g. Lou Holtz). Fox obviously thinks its viewers are interested in hearing more of Meyer’s thoughts on college football, an area in which he found great success.

The first episode of “Big Noon Kickoff,” which will feature Meyer and the rest of the crew, will air on September 1 before the Purdue-Penn State game. The promo will air during Fox’s “Baseball Night in America” on Saturday.