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Voters in a new poll agree that the investigations into Donald Trump should continue

67 percent of registered voters believe that the investigations involving President trump should continue.



before the New York Attorney General investigating his business and finances.

Lawmakers on the House select committee looking into the riots in the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, have urged the Department of Justice to conduct a criminal investigation of the former president for his role in the unrest.

Nearly half of those surveyed by NBC News put the blame for the unrest on January 6th directly on Trump. Of those surveyed, 16% held Trump partially responsible, while 33% said he was “not really responsible” for the incident.

Five-and-a-half percent of voters said they felt “somewhat negative” or “very negative” about the ex-president. Nearly half of voters (49%) said they had a negative impression of the Republican Party as a whole.

Forty-two percent of voters said they trusted the House select committee to investigate the matter fairly and impartially. Only 13% said they had a lot of confidence, while 41% said they had very little, and 4% said they had none at all.

The poll surveyed 1,000 eligible voters from August 12-16, not long after the search for Mar-a-Lago concluded. Plus or minus 3.1% is the margin of error.

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