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Watch as heavy sheets of rain sweep through Arizona

As heavy sheets of rain swept across Arizona, the monsoon continued.



The Author, David Wetzel

Knewz) — New York On August 19, a monsoon brought Arizona a deluge of rain.

A Facebook video shows rain pouring down on a backyard and pool area.

A video of torrential rains in Gilbert, Arizona was posted to Twitter by user @teslafanaz.

The AZ Monsoon of 2022! . @JorgeTWeather. @AmberSullins @abc15 #azwx. “Gilbert, AZ Highley,” the tweet’s caption proclaims.

This week, the monsoon swept across the rest of Arizona. According to CBS 5 Phoenix, heavy rains and thunderstorms swept through Phoenix, knocking down power lines and leaving many without electricity.

CBS 5 reported that police had confirmed that power lines were down along 83rd Avenue between Cactus Road and Peoria Avenue, as well as along 91st Avenue.

Meanwhile, CBS 5 reported that Scottsdale was hit by heavy rains and a lightning show.

It rained an average of 2–3 inches in many places, and some people even tried to drive their cars through the floodwaters.

On August 14, a monsoon storm roared through Chandler, Arizona, sending sheets of rain hurtling through streets. It rained so hard that the Phoenix area was warned of flash floods as the storm passed.

According to, the likelihood of precipitation in Arizona over the next 10 days is below 50%.

This article was co-written by TMX.