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Watch highlights from the Crawsover pro am, which was cut short

Today was a historic day in Seattle, but it was cut short due to the weather.



A player named LeBron James. Tatum, Jayson. Gordon, Aaron. Paulo Banchero, and Dejounte Murray. Said man’s name was Chet Holmgren. Thomas Isaiah. In the words of MarJon Beauchamp. To be specific: Tari Eason.

On Sunday, former NBA star Jamal Crawford hosted a pro am in his hometown of Seattle called “Crawsover,” and it featured a who’s who of the sports and entertainment worlds. Even before he entered the building, LeBron was greeted by a throng of fans.

At @thecrawsover, the king has taken the throne ( With thanks to NBA TV (@NBATV) On this date in 2022:

There were probably around three thousand spectators there, and they were treated to a show for a time thanks to the live streaming on and the NBA app.

Due to condensation on the floor, which made it wet and slippery, the game had to be called early to ensure the players’ safety. The court began to get wet due to the high humidity of a day in Seattle and the large number of people using the facility. Despite the crew’s best efforts, more would appear almost immediately after they were mopped up. After Beauchamp fell during the second quarter, the players decided the risk of injury was too great and called off the game.

This summer, NBA player Dejounte Murray advocated for more players to participate in pro-ams, arguing that the fans who show up to these low-cost games (the Crawsover is free to fans) in smaller gyms are the same ones who can’t afford to pay for an expensive NBA ticket. It’s a great chance for the athletes to interact with some of their most ardent supporters while also doing something good. It was LeBron’s second pro am of the summer, so his words must have resonated.

On Saturday in Seattle, it seemed as though Murray and Banchero, who had been feuding since an earlier pro-am this summer, had made up and made it official (this video also shows the slipping issue).

A historic day in Seattle’s gym was cut short, but it was still a historic day.

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