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Watch scenes from the Gridlife Circuit Legends at Lime Rock Park

Gridlife visited Lime Rock Park this past weekend to participate in circuit legends.



Lime Rock Park hosted the latest installment of Gridlife’s Circuit Legends series this past weekend. To put it simply, it was the best. In the long run, you’ll just have to read the whole thing to find out. This is coming soon, so stay tuned.

My childhood cars were gripping or sliding through the Big Bend, the Esses, and the Downhill, but watching a whole new class of vehicle tear up Lime Rock’s seven corners made for some great photo opportunities. See the results here.

The concours at Japanese Performance, New and Old Circuit Legends featured vintage and modern automobiles from the 1970s to the 2000s. However, since this was a gathering for car nuts, specifically JDM fans, the concours cars were the same as the ones parked nearby. The Type R was obviously just a car someone took to the track, but I have no idea if the R34 GT-R is a show car or driven regularly.

As the Elderly See It: Around $70,000 worth of Corollas. It’s a universal aspiration to be Takumi Fujiwara, and some people are willing to pay exorbitant sums to make that dream a reality. As a result of its low price, small size, and ease of use, the hachiroku quickly became a fan favorite. There are still a total of two.

Or, Relatively Younger

In full RE Amemiya regalia, this FD RX-7 was parked right next to a Paul Newman Oldsmobile that had competed in a Lime Rock race. This Olds sat in the middle of the Concours tent, where normally it would be surrounded by cargo shorts and white New Balances, but this weekend, no one paid it any mind as they all stared at the rotaries.

The Esses Are Being Flooded With Smoke

One and a half miles long and featuring only seven turns, Lime Rock is a relatively short track. The Esses, where the Big Bend divides the Left Hander from the Right Hander, are a popular spot for spectators throughout the day. Campers occupy the area between the Uphill and the West Bend. Tire smoke was mostly concentrated at Big Bend and the Right Hander, which was a shame for the campers.

Smokey, Without a Robber

The entire Lime Rock course has apparently never been drifted by anyone. Drift competitions have taken place in the infield but never on the actual track. In my opinion, this is an improvement. Drift is the order of the day, and more drifting is always better.


At Circuit Legends, Andy Smedegard Motorsports entered a massive fleet of cars across all categories (drift, time attack, and wheel-to-wheel). A common phrase heard over the course of the weekend was, “Andy makes a good product.”

Tandem Time

It’s already challenging enough to capture a panning shot of a moving car. When you factor in a second vehicle traveling at a slightly different speed, things become considerably more challenging. Cars are longer than they are tall and move horizontally, but for some reason, you decide to present them in a portrait orientation. When put together, however, the effect is rather impressive.

If EVs powered by electric feel are the future of transportation, then they should also be part of the future of motorsport. Without the engine noise to mask the thump, the impact of an electric car’s tires on a track curb is shockingly audible.

Running It’s been the ’90s and I’ve been going to Lime Rock for races for at least twenty years. It’s been decades, and I’ve never seen a teal and pink S13 racing. I had no idea how much I had been missing out on until recently.

Free-Hand Stitching

The bumper of this S14.5 was constantly on the verge of detaching from the car. Some contact with a barrier actually removed pieces of the rear bumper on one, but the front bumper held firm.

Japanese R34 Components Shipped Overnight Even though Nissan Skylines don’t yet qualify under the 25-year law, a small number of specially-built models can be imported for display purposes. None of them, however, have four doors like this Skyline does, so it was probably imported for use only on the track.

Take Risks in Life

Another possibility is that an incompetent DMV clerk misidentified it as a 240SX. What matters is that it exists, that it was constructed with care and the knowledge that it will be abused, and that it is currently performing its primary function: Taking sharp turns at high speeds on a narrow track through the forest.

Yes, Those Bens From YouTube

In case you, like me, are a fan of Gears and Gasoline, you’ll recognize this Civic from an episode. I won’t give away any plot details from the Lime Rock episode, but I will say that this little K-swapped hatchback was able to out-lap Corvettes, Porsches, and BMWs.

Keep it up until the New Year!

If you’re interested in reading more about how two very different types of motorsports fans came together for a weekend of tire smoke and sunshine at Lime Rock Park’s Gridlife, keep an eye out for the upcoming feature. The orange peel should serve as a focal point until that time.