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Ways to Fulfill Your Fantasy

It’s time to head out on a fishing trip.



As you advance through Tower of Fantasy, you can find a lot of components. When you prepare a meal with any of these ingredients and consume it, each of them will boost your character. While some of these elements are simple to locate, others are more challenging to locate and are only found in certain places. In Tower of Fantasy, you can catch a variety of fish, but lake bass is one of the more elusive species.

Lake Bass locations in Tower of Fantasy

Wait till you get to the Crown region if you want to get your hands on some Lake Bass. During the campaign, you will visit a total of four regions. Before you reach this area, you must upgrade your suppressor because if you don’t, you will sustain significant damage. Lake Bass can be found in the Crown region’s rivers and the Warren region’s outer waters to the northeast of the Crown area.

Uses for Lake Bass

It’s not a good idea to consume lake bass by itself. Instead, you’ll want to prepare these fish into a dinner that will be more advantageous to your character. Salmon sashimi can be made with lake bass. This meal will provide your character 20 Satiety points and a large boost to their ice damage. A far better option than eating lake bass beside.