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We announced the schedule for Pokemon’s regional championship for 2020

Pokemon will be continuing to reveal more information about the Pokemon TCG Regionals and how you can participate starting on May 1st.



While Pokemon Worlds is still going on, the Pokemon TCG community is eagerly anticipating an exciting 2023 season. The whole schedule has been released by the Pokemon Company, and it appears that the season will begin the next month.

The Pokemon TCG community is eager to begin making plans for a year crammed with competitive events leading up to the following Pokemon Worlds competition after years without regionals. Here is all the information you require on the upcoming 2023 season.

The Pokemon Championship Series is what?

Players can earn points through the Pokemon Championship Series, a year-long series of organized competitions, in an effort to get into the Pokemon World Championships. The Championship Series has four Pokemon video games:

TCG Pokemon

Pokemon GO Pokemon UNITE Pokemon VGC

2011 or later for juniors

Senior: 2007-2010, Masters: 2006 or before, and Junior: 2007-2010

Schedule for the 2023 Pokemon Championship Series

Prepare for a hectic 2023 season, especially for TCG players, players and fans alike. While there won’t be any tournaments for VGC players until 2023, TCG regionals start as soon as next month. The North American schedule is as follows:

The regionals for Europe are as follows:

The calendar also includes international regionals and Latin American regionals. Here are some of the future regional competitions from around the world. There may be other updates regarding upcoming regional dates after this initial one.

The date and site of the 2023 Pokemon World Championship have not yet been made public.

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