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We learn about the dangers of Yellowstone by learning about the discovery in a hot spring

An investigation is underway after a human foot was found in the Abyss Pool



An employee of Yellowstone National Park discovered a piece of a human foot floating in one of the park’s many geothermal pools, prompting investigations. The remains, which also contained a shoe, were found on Tuesday at the Abyss Pool. The location was briefly off limits to visitors, but it is now open again.

The park currently has no additional information to provide, according to Morgan Warthin, a representative for Yellowstone, as quoted by AP News.

It’s too soon to determine whether there was any wrongdoing, but it’s also possible that the owner of the foot was just unfortunate. One of Yellowstone’s main draws, its geothermal features, are safe to explore as long as hikers stay on the established paths and boardwalks. Sadly, there are times when the urge to get closer is too high, whether it be for a photo opportunity or a swim, which can have disastrous results.

a death every spring

A video recording of two tourists wandering off to take pictures right on the brink of Grand Prismatic, a pool famous for the rainbow colors produced by bacteria that thrive in hot, humid conditions, surfaced earlier this week.

Despite the possibility of falling through into the scorching groundwater, it appears that these people managed to escape unharmed. However, not everyone is as fortunate. Over the course of the year, at least 20 people have passed away at the park’s hot springs and swimming areas, including at least one whose body was totally dissolved.

According to HuffPost, Colin Scott, an Oregonian, passed away in 2016 at Yellowstone after leaving the boardwalk in search of a warm water for a relaxing dip. The hottest geothermal feature in the park, the Norris Geyser Basin, is where he tripped and fell.

Due to inclement weather, it took till the following day to retrieve him from the searing hot, acidic water; by that time, all that was left were a pair of melted flip-flops.