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We look at 3 different zodiac signs to find out what their week will be like

Focus on one small task at a time.



If you let go and let the universe take its course, you will find success. This is a reminder to let go of anything that isn’t serving your highest self, especially if you’re a member of one of the zodiac signs that will have a particularly challenging week between August 22 and 28. Now that a new astrological season has begun, the sun’s rays will be shining brightest on the section of your chart associated with Virgo. It’s time to start making plans now.

Puts in Virgo, please rise. Don’t be disheartened if Virgo isn’t one of your “big three” natal planets (sun, moon, or rising), as this mutable earth sign still rules one of your birth chart’s 12 houses. This is the sphere in which you are most likely to be analytical, strategic, and operational. Either way, from August 22 until September 22, the sun will shine brightly on this sector of your horoscope, bringing energy and clarity to it along with common Virgoan themes like health, routine, and mindfulness.

Additionally, on August 22 the planetary ruler of Virgo, Mercury, will align with Pluto, the planet of transformation, opening a doorway to insights, some of which may have been previously hidden from your awareness. During Pluto’s retrograde phase, it’s common for people to want to go over old ground, whether it’s to dig deeper into a controversial subject or simply to have a conversation they need to have again. You should seek clarification and choose your words carefully. Speaking of retrogrades, on August 24 the planet of rebellion and innovation, Uranus, will begin its retrograde journey through Taurus, and on August 25 Mercury will move into Libra, sign of the seeker of harmony.

Why you should get your affairs in order if your sun sign and/or rising sign fall under one of these zodiac signs:

Your week will be the worst if you’re one of these three zodiac signs.


As the sun moves into contemplative Virgo and your emotionally charged fourth house of domesticity, family, and private thoughts and feelings, you may find yourself introspecting more than usual. Those of you who have a tendency to overanalyze your emotions and/or personal matters, in particular, have a temperament that prefers to keep busy as a defense mechanism, even though resting and recharging is essential to your well-being.

On August 22, your planetary ruler Mercury will align with Pluto’s transformative influence, which is likely to bring about a heated discussion or two. Furthermore, on August 24, revolutionary Uranus will station retrograde, forcing you to do some introspective soul-searching. Better news: your planet ruler, Mercury, enters Libra the next day, bringing forward motion and flirty rendezvous to your fifth house of love, passion, and self-expression. However, the new moon in Virgo still calls for a headfirst dive, especially when it comes to following your heart.

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You should let your friends know that you won’t be joining them for happy hour this week, Libra. Taking a break is easier said than done when you’re the celestial socialite, but the sun’s annual transit through Virgo, your 12th house of secrets, inhibitions, and unconscious patterns, serves as a welcome reprieve just before your solar season.

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Aquarius, you shouldn’t scrutinize your closest relationships any more than necessary. It’s easier said than done to avoid being petty when the sun (celestial ruler of your relationship sector) is shining in detail-oriented Virgo, your eighth house of partnerships and soulmate connections. On August 22, Mercury will trinitate Pluto, which may prompt you to reevaluate sensitive topics you’d rather not discuss. If you rip off the bandage, you’ll immediately feel better.

You’ll have to reevaluate everything from where you live to how safe you feel, as your planetary ruler Uranus begins its retrograde cycle this week. If things at home feel chaotic, this is a chance to make sense of the mayhem. Remember that the moon will renew itself in Virgo on August 25 through your eighth house of intimacy and shared assets, just as Mercury moves into Libra on the 25th. And so, if you’ve been tending to a significant partnership, whether in your personal or professional life, now is a great time to start fresh. Perhaps it’s about establishing clear limits or ironing out the finer points of a business agreement. The opposition of Venus to Saturn (in your sign) on August 28 may make you feel constrained, but it will also spur you to action.

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